Handsome Henry x W Korea || 23.10.18

It baffles me how so many idols go from goofy to sexy real quick!

As I’m always late to the show, here’s an editorial from October 2018 shot in Henry’s hometown of Toronto~

The model is obviously Henry (Former member of Super Junior and SMentertainment artist).

The photographer is 안연후 (Ahn YeonHoo).

All photos can be found on W Korea.

Source: W Korea

The jacket is from the Levi x Justin Timberlake collaboration (and it costs £115). The jeans and braces (which you can’t quite see…) are from Levi Vintage Clothing. The jeans are £180 (… my broke heart is weeping and will continue through out this post haha), but I couldn’t find a price for the braces, but another pair is £40 so… that’s probably what those cost too.

henry w3This is my favourite photo in the editorial. I’m soft for cute, handsome and dapper guys in braces!

The glasses are from the 2018 Mahrcato collection. This style ranges from £135-£162 (I couldn’t quite work out which pair was the same).

The plain long sleeve shirt is from Levi Vintage Clothing and although I couldn’t find this specific one, other similar are around £30. The braces and jeans are once again from Levi Vintage Clothing.

henry w4

The Sherpa Trucker denim jacket is Levi’s (£110), while the jeans are from Levi’s Vintage Clothing.

The bag is from Chanel. I spent an hour trying to find this damn bag, but couldn’t. However, most of Chanel bags range from £2000-£5000 (it’s just a bag… *triggered* haha). The boots are Balenciaga and range from £900-£1000 (the damn bag costs more!). The knit sweater is from the Stylist’s (I couldn’t find a name in the article anywhere) collection.


henry w5


Look at this cutie!! ♥

The only thing listed for this photo is another Levi Sherpa Trucker chino cord jacket (again £110).


And I can’t possibly leave this post without showing some more of Henry’s sexier side:

On the left Henry is wearing the same Sherpa Jacket and Balenciaga boots as previously seen. He is also wearing a denim shirt from Levi 501 (most of the mens jeans looked the same to me, so the price we’re looking at ranges from £110-£180).

On the right, Henry is wearing his beautiful Lau genes 😍😂

I hope you enjoyed this type of new post for my blog!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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