The Miracle || Mini Review â™ªâ™ª

It’s body swap time!

Kwon ShiYeon (Hong YoonHwa) and Kwon Siah (Sonamoo’s Kim NaHyun) are fraternal twins, who are complete opposites. After helping a tarot reader, ShiYeon gets a wish which causes a stir between the sisters when they swap bodies.

ShiYeon is a plus sized student who is bullied at school, while Siah is a popular idol in the group Miracle Girls. They’re both thrown into each other’s lives and through mishaps and arguments they get closer.

This is a short webdrama of 12 episodes and most of the episodes are around the 10 minute mark. It’s super easy to watch and goes by so quickly.

I feel that if this was longer, then the plot could have been explored further. We could have looked into the treatment of plus sized girls and women in South Korea, which is definitely something that needs to be looked into. However, I understand that this is a comedy, but there were moments where, again if this was longer, we could have truly seen something beautiful.

Boyfriend-Donghyun-_1481524705_af_orgAs ShiYeon is our main character, we spend most of the time with her, and thus in the body of Siah. I wasn’t that interested, until her relationship with Ban HaeSeong (BOYFRIEND’s Kim DongHyun) happened. This relationship went from 1 to 100 pretty quick and I’m not even mad. They were so cute haha ♥

Siah in ShiYeon’s body was hilarious! This was mainly because she is so feisty and YoonHwa is a such a good comedy actress.

Talking of YoonHwa, she was the highlight of this drama, but I was super surprised and happy with Kim NaHyun’s acting. They were great to watch together! Kim DongHyun’s acting was… erm it wasn’t that great, it was some generic idol acting haha

img_9490-e1483824798564So, if you have time and want to watch a little quirky webdrama about two sisters who swap bodies, then I would recommend this. It’s funny, sometimes really heartwarming and there is a cute dog!

Sadly, the ending was rather lack-lustre, despite a lot happening in the last episode. I would love to see another series because I want to see a cute little romance between ShiYeon in her own body and Haeseong!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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