Go Princess Go || Ep. 19 Recap

I want a cute ugly pouch of love haha~

After working out how to use embroidery hoops without Lu Li’s help as she flat out refuses to (this cutie wants her first embroidered purse to be for her future husband), Peng Peng spends ‘his’ nights sewing.

On the 5th night, Qi Sheng visits a very tired Peng Peng and notices ‘his’ bandaged fingers. The pouch is finished and he gets a shock at the awful (but cute) design.

i want to be hugged by qi sheng!He take Peng Peng to a rooftop to view Chengdu City. Because Peng Peng says ‘he’ is cold, Qi Sheng wraps his arms around ‘him’ (and I had to pause the episode and have a moment haha ^^”). Peng Peng shrugs him off and Qi Sheng then goes on to explain why he really brought Peng Peng to the roof.

Qi Sheng admits Ying Yue’s weaknesses and that it was Peng Peng’s past hate that drew the pair closer. Now he realises that the only feeling he has for her is pity. And has been forced to reevaluate his and Peng Peng’s relationship because of the latter’s character change.

i still can't with those bandages hahaPeng Peng is too sleepy to react, but Qi Sheng wants to hear what ‘he’ has to say. Peng Peng tells him that recent events have just forced him to choose Peng Peng as there was no other choice.

Qi Sheng asks if Peng Peng hates him and ‘he’ says not anymore. ‘He’ admits that ‘his’ hatred ran deep but it’s now gone. Qi Sheng then dares Peng Peng to accept a deal whereby he’ll protect ‘him’ in this lifetime and in return Peng Peng’s love will only belong to him.

Peng Peng refuses, saying a man’s promise can’t be trusted.

don't cry peng pengAfter having a nightmare where Peng Peng is frantically searching for ‘his’ womb, Peng Peng comes to the realisation that ‘he’ has become attached to ‘his’ unborn child. ‘He’ is afraid for its safety, especially with the threat of 9th bro wanting to be Emperor.

Peng Peng meets with 9th bro, Yang Yan and General Yang at the whorehouse which is 9th bro’s fave spot to hold secret meetings.

(Side note: I love that Peng Peng still wears the male clothes disguise while heavily pregnant haha)

intense stares outside the loosGeneral Yang is concerned about what troops Qi Sheng will send to one of the conflict areas. Peng Peng thinks it will be troops from ‘his’ clan. 9th bro tells them that they should just wait until Qi Sheng makes his move and then cause trouble accordingly.

Later on Peng Peng corners 9th bro outside the loos (as usual) and kneels before him. 9th bro is clearly distressed and helps ‘him’ stand. Peng Peng assents that they agreed to work together for their own survival, but now there is a child to think about. For the safety of ‘his’ child Peng Peng asks 9th bro to give up fighting to become Emperor.

9th bro finally promises, but on the premise that Peng Peng is loyal to only him.

While lying in bed, Qi Sheng comes to lie with Peng Peng. He says that just because Peng Peng had his belongings removed from ‘his’ palace, it doesn’t mean he can’t just come and go as he pleases. Qi Sheng snuggles up to ‘him’ and tells Peng Peng that he is there to make sure both the child and the mother are well.

And Peng Peng looks pleased! She smiles! My heart!

Additional Comments:

This episode was actually very emotional!

It was sweet to see Peng Peng coming to terms with ‘his’ pregnancy. And I love it when people talk to each other and we got a lot of conversations in this. I do wish that Peng Peng would actually take the time to fully engage with Qi Sheng without getting slightly hostile or dismissive of his feelings.

Especially as ‘he’ says that ‘he’ can’t trust a man’s promise, but is fine with 9th bro’s one… he’s going to stab you in the back! I can see it! No one just gives up their lifelong dream of offing their brother to become Emperor in less than a minute. I don’t trust!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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