Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving |πŸ“š| #T5W

Let’s take a prompt and then twist it out of recognition! Let’s go!

Wednesday has rolled around again and this week it’s about Thanksgiving. Obviously, as a Brit I don’t celebrate this, but this is pretty much a version of “what fictional characters would you invite to dinner”.

November 21st: Characters You’d Want at Friendsgiving
— It’s Thanksgiving in the States this month, but Friendsgiving is a celebration that involves not family, but found family. Which characters would you invite to yours?

I’m honestly in the mood to reread The Infernal Devices, which can’t happen because I have too many books on my TBR and my copies are not with me at uni. But, I’m going to cheat with this challenge and just invite most of the London Institute to my party~

So, 5 has now turned into 10 haha! But I’ll pair them up to rank them.

All the illustrations are from the flower series that Cassandra Jean drew (they are so pretty!)

5. Cecily Herondale || Gabriel Lightwood

Cecily is a late comer to the trilogy, but I love her tenacity and her Herondale stubbornness haha. Gabriel’s character growth through the trilogy was wonderful and that honestly had a lot to do with Cecily.

4. Charlotte Branwell || Henry Branwell

Charlotte is the best Institute Head ever and I love her. She is so strong and competent, especially in a world and era where women were seen as lesser. Henry is so passionate about aiding the shadowhunter experience and is so adorable. They are one of my favourite fictional couples β™₯

3. Gideon Lightwood || Will Herondale

Gideon is so pure and I love that he was always rational. Unlike the rest of his dumb family (to be fair Gabriel get’s better). I fell in love with him the moment he appeared and the way he treats Sophie just solidified that.

Will is a character that goes through a lot of development and there will always be a place in my heart for angsty, misunderstood men haha ^^”

Also, I found out recently from my biochemist friend that we share a lot of the same genes as ducks and my brain instantly went to Will and it makes me cackle every time haha

2. Tessa Gray || Sophie Collins

Tessa is one of the least problematic lead female characters I have ever read. She is smart, stubborn and passionate. Her love for Will and Jem is so pure and I love her.

Another perfect female character in this series is Sophie! She is so strong and lovely. Sophie is loyal and the way she stands up for herself and Charlotte is great and so endearing.

1. Jem Carstairs || Magnus Bane

Jem! This beautiful man deserves all the happiness in the world. He is so soft and pure and his friendship with Will makes me so happy. And his love for Tessa makes me melt. I just really love him! β™₯

And Magnus is one of my favourite characters in the entire Shadowhunter world. I love his personality and his sarcasm. I mostly base how I like other characters in this world by how they treat and interact with Magnus. I am so salty with a lot of the New York Institute because they always use/call Magnus just because they want him to do stuff for them…

So, this isn’t what the prompt was for, nor was this asked for by anyone, but it’s here! haha

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


2 thoughts on “Characters I’d Want at Friendsgiving |πŸ“š| #T5W

  1. This sounds like the best friendsgiving ever! I tried to limit myself to one character from a series for mine and I had the hardest time picking a Shadowhunter character because I wanted to invite them all πŸ˜…

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