Go Princess Go || Ep. 18 Recap

Has Peng Peng’s duck cravings switched to durian now?!

shy babyYang Yan sees a beautiful girl in Peng Peng’s palace and likes what he sees. But is horrified to see the actual Ling Ling is not the beauty before him, but an ugly woman.

But JOKES! Ling Ling is playing with him.

Peng Peng meets with Ling Ling to ask about how she feels about Yang Yan (who doubts that Ling Ling is satisfied with him). Ling Ling wants to observe Yang Yan to make sure he is marriage worthy (yes girl!). Peng Peng then realises that Yang Yan doesn’t meet any of the requirements Ling Ling has for a husband, but assures her that ‘he’ will make those changes.

Because Yang Yan is only good with flowery words, Peng Peng gifts him a ton of poetry books to study and a stack of bricks. Ling Ling likes her men educated and strong. Peng Peng expects an update in 7 days and leaves Yang Yan to his crazy antics. This poor little baby struggles to pick up a single brick haha

Yang Yan comes to update Peng Peng, who is trying to get Lu Li to eat some stinky durian fruit. To show his new strength Yang Yan throws some bricks and picks up a none too happy Lu Li!

Peng Peng takes Yang Yan to a dinner with ‘his’ mother, Ling Ling and other members of the Zhang clan. Peng Peng’s mother is there to vet Yang Yan in place of Ling Ling’s deceased mother. She doesn’t care about strength or smarts, but alcohol tolerance.

Cut to a blottoed Yang Yan. He runs off to be sick, but finds a large pot of water and climbs in, only to think that he’s dying as he can’t swim… this idiot haha

Peng Peng comes to “save” him, and scolds ‘his’ mother and Ling Ling for letting Ying Yue get this drunk. Peng Peng’s mother ends up accepting our drunk baby… who then vomits on her.

Qi Sheng comes to check on Peng Peng in the morning and is worried about how ‘he’ stays up late. He has brought ‘him’ history books to read which will educate the baby (somehow). But Peng Peng doesn’t want to, so ‘he’ admits to being wrong at staying tiny tiny smileout late and running about.

Qi Sheng instantly says Peng Peng doesn’t have to read the books, but has to learn how to embroider in case the child is a girl. But he simply just wants Peng Peng to sew him a pouch which in Chinese culture is a token of love! He gives Peng Peng a 5 day deadline.

It gets a little political as Peng Peng explains to Ling Ling that her marriage needs to be a happy one, as it is a union between the Zhang and Yang clans. Ling Ling understand that she must protect her clan and will live harmoniously with the Yang clan.

Ling Ling admits that she likes Yang Yan and that she thinks his way of just jumping from roofs etc. is a cute trait. We then watch Yang Yan jump down and swoosh about… this drama is ridiculous haha

Peng Peng visits Qi Sheng, to request for his permission to allow Ling Ling and Yang Yan to get married. He instantly agrees, but wants Peng Peng to stop fussing about and being in other people’s business while ‘he’ is pregnant.

A weird little black and white skit ensues of Peng Peng in prison due to ‘his’ fear of being “grounded”. ‘He’ escapes, only to be kicked and pushed back into the hole ‘he’s’ dug.

Peng Peng comes to ‘his’ senses and ‘he’s’ clutching Qi Sheng. He leaves a confused Peng Peng, who doesn’t know where ‘he’ is or what ‘he’ was doing to get where ‘he’ is.

Additional Comments:

This was a cute episode. However, I’m a bit confused about the politics. Does Peng Peng now want her family to get stronger through this marriage? And where is 9th bro?… did I forget a major plot point? I mean I don’t put it past me haha… wait I think he gets sent to do a job somewhere… right?

I’m also salty that we didn’t see Peng Peng embroider a pouch. We better see that in the next episode!!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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