Go Princess Go || Ep. 17 Recap

Can I join this sleeping with Qi Sheng rota? haha :p

peng peng says noEunuch Qiang brings unwanted belongings and news that Qi Sheng plans on moving into Peng Peng’s palace.

Peng Peng flat out refuses!

‘He’ calls a meeting with the other wives and introduces the “Sleep with Emperor in Turns” plan. They are shocked at the plan, but Peng Peng insists that they need to make Qi Sheng happy so that he will spend more time with them (and in turn less with Peng Peng) which warms them up to the idea.

To make Qi Sheng happy, Peng Peng suggests that they donate money and jewelry to ease his worry over the military budget. At first, Lu Li is confused by the donations, but realises Qi Sheng would be mad at this plan, but won’t be able to dismiss their kindness.

Peng Peng pays Qi Sheng a visit with the gifts, and disagrees that a word of thanks is good enough as they both know what the other wives actually want. To this Qi Sheng just says to return the stuff haha

Peng Peng says the things can’t be returned and throws the sleeping rota on him and he hates the plan! With the pregnancy card and the fluttering eyelids, Qi Sheng gives in.

Due to the plan, Qi Sheng is too busy to see Peng Peng, which upsets Lu Li. Especially as Peng Peng tells her to send supplements (… is he sending Qi Sheng viagra?! haha) and give thanks to Qi Sheng for following the plan.

During one of the nights, Qi Sheng is appalled at one of the other wives, Hwang, suggesting viagra on their scheduled night (he’s in bed and she’s sat on the floor…).

Peng Peng waltzes into the room and tells Hwang to leave and then asks Qi Sheng if he is actually ill. Qi Sheng moves over to ‘him’ and Peng Peng gets so flustered that ‘he’ rolls off the bed and legs it out of the room. And Qi Sheng smiles!! (My heart ♥).

lets all fake cry togetherAnother day dawns and the other wives visit Peng Peng. When they notice ‘him’ arriving they all start to fake cry. They are now poorer and tired due not getting enough sleep. Peng Peng knows that they are using the threat of becoming nuns against ‘him’, so calls for Lu Li to find a good temple for them.

They immediately recant their plans to becoming nuns and hurriedly leave, agreeing to think about how to come up with solutions to their problems.

Lu Li tells Peng Peng that Qi Sheng didn’t sleep with any of the other wives, due to his affection for Peng Peng. However, ‘he’ doesn’t believe that Qi Sheng can be affectionate.

angry peng peng is stunningPeng Peng meets with Prince Zhao to see if Qi Sheng had a trauma in his past with a women, but Zhao tells ‘him’ there is no such trauma. Instead he says that all men in the family, Qi Sheng included, are loyal, emotional and affectionate.

That night, Peng Peng is annoyed at Prince Zhao only having nice things to say about Qi Sheng and angry at Lu Li’s happiness over agreeing that Qi Sheng is being loyal only to Peng Peng.

Additional Comments:

This episode was fun just to see the lengths that Peng Peng is willing to go to make sure Qi Sheng not spend time with him. He basically sold his husband to the other wives haha

But it was also nice to see how much Qi Sheng is becoming more amenable to Peng Peng’s whims. That smile when he knew that Peng Peng was flustered by his advances~ My stoic baby~

I’m a worried by Peng Peng’s anger, but I feel that this is because he is scared of his own feelings.

Oh and I’ve been calling the women in the palace, ‘other wives’ but I’ve seen them also referred to as concubines. To be honest at this point I’m not sure which is correct and I’m just going to keep calling them the ‘other wives’.

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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