Go Princess Go! Ep 14 || Recap

Who needs shows like Jeremy Kyle and Robert Irvine when you have Go Princess Go?! haha

Sheng enters Peng Peng’s palace and both of them have been duped. Sheng thinks ‘he’ wants to discuss something, while Peng Peng is waiting for the Grand Empress to come back with a painter. They bicker before Sheng goes over to the bed, saying that Peng Peng will make him suffer again tonight. He moves the covers to the floor and this could be his suffering. Nope, that’s where Peng Peng is sleeping.

Peng Peng falls asleep quickly, which leaves Sheng to stare at ‘his’ back longingly, that is until Peng Peng truly does make him suffer by farting. A lot. And the smell is bad. The poor guy has to hide under a blanket to escape the smell!

It’s the early hours of the morning and Eunuch Qiang has important news for Sheng. He Picture4is needed at You Lan Hall. It looks like neither Sheng, nor Peng Peng is happy at Sheng’s departure.

In the morning, Peng Peng gets an unexpected visitor in the form of Yang Yang (my precious baby is back!) who has a present from 9th bro. It’s a gold triangle to represent his heart. Peng Peng understands this as 9th bro becoming allies in the battle against the potential threat of Sheng making Ying Yue his new wife (and all the implications and repercussions that would have).

Picture5Back at You Lan Hall, Ying Yue is playing the sick card. She feels better every time she sees the Emperor and Sheng agrees to visit her everyday. However, his standoffish attitude and prompt departure leaves an unhappy Ying Yue behind.

Sheng goes to apologise to Peng Peng for leaving, interrupting ‘his’ terrible attempt at finding a place for the triangle to be hung. However, the apology doesn’t happen as Peng Peng’s attitude annoys him. Peng Peng tells Sheng that if he wants flirtatious and sweet words he should go back to You Lan Hall.

And surprise surprise he does. But it’s because Ying Yue tried to kill herself. She reveals that she is pregnant and wanted to end her life because of the hardship and wrong she feels she has done him. Sheng is adamant that he will protect the baby, and that he will tell Peng Peng personally about the pregnancy. Despite saying this, he can’t bring himself to do it because of the hurt he will cause Peng Peng.

Talking of babies, on a rainy day soon after, Physician Zhang arrives at Peng Peng’s palace to do his regular checkup (which is legit just him checking a pulse). According to him Peng Peng is pregnant. Which does not go down well!

It soon becomes clear that Peng Peng is not pregnant. ‘He’ catches Lu Li with baby clothes which have been prepared in advance by the Zhang family (Peng Peng’s relatives). Lu Li confesses that the Zhang family bribed the Physician. In doing this, the attention will be on Peng Peng while they find a way of getting rid of Ying Yue’s child.

Peng Peng calls them ruthless and tells Lu Li to pass on a message to ‘his’ mother:

  1. The baby must be protected.
  2. Because Sheng is smart they need to think of justifiable way to make Peng Peng’s “pregnancy” disappear.

Later, Peng Peng and Sheng have tea, where they both discover that they both know about the two pregnancies. Peng Peng babbles on about how happy ‘he’ is for Ying Yue and Sheng, while the latter looks as though he wants to kill someone. Sheng angrily shoves the tea set off the table and storms out.

Picture10While talking to Lu Li, Peng Peng reveals that ‘he’s’ not worried about Ying Yue, but the deal ‘he’ has with 9th bro. This pregnancy (no matter how fake) could cause a problem between them. Peng Peng tells Lu Li to immediately go and tell 9th bro that Peng Peng wants to see him.

Additional Comments:

This episode really showed the shift in Sheng’s affections. He is far more standoffish with Ying Yue, while he seems to want to be in Peng Peng’s company more often. He is also starting to consider ‘his’ feelings as well. If Ying Yue wasn’t pregnant (which I doubt she is – she’s not beneath manipulating him) I think Sheng would realise and act upon his feelings with Peng Peng. I mean he looked happy (as happy as Sheng ever looks) when Peng Peng started to sing badly haha

Picture3And I was honestly so shocked how sad Peng Peng looked when Sheng left. I really do think ‘he’ is starting, maybe not to love, but to be comfortable with Peng Peng.

I think the analogy that Sheng is a stubborn donkey, while Peng Peng is a wild horse is so true! I hope our wild horse can soften up the stubborn donkey~

There is also the issue of the ‘deal’. I was really happy to see Yang Yang, but to be honest I wasn’t upset that 9th bro (whose name I have completely forgotten, so he’s 9th bro from now on haha ^^”) wasn’t present.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have a lovely day~


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