Go Princess Go! Ep 13 || Recap

It’s been a while and I’m happy to delve back into this kooky drama!

The episode opens with an excited Grand Empress about to show off her newly acquired vase. Much to everyone’s shock the vase is actually Peng Peng’s freebie David statue. Everyone is shocked and the Grand Empress is horrified and demands an investigation.

Peng Peng then uses this opportunity to speak to the Grand Empress in private. ‘He’ takes all the blame, covering (so ‘he’ says) for Sheng. According to Peng Peng, Sheng uses the statue to make the mood sexier in the bedroom and as a child bearing saint. Of course the talk of babies makes the Grand Empress forgive the mishap immediately!

Picture4While getting a head message from Lu Li, Peng Peng lets out ‘his’ anguish at having to think fast on ‘his’ feet and that Sheng can be useful sometimes. He walks in with the statue in tow haha

Once Peng Peng realises that Sheng hasn’t seen the statue (what is it with these people and not sneaking a peek under the cloth?! haha) ‘he’ rises, exclaiming “eye gunk!” While fussing over Sheng, Peng Peng “accidentally” elbows the statue off the table. Peng Peng then wails that its a child bearing saint the Grand Empress gave ‘him’ (thus pretending ‘he’ didn’t throw Sheng under a bus haha).

Picture2Talking about another mishap, Ying Yue gets her package from Sheng. However, this mishap is more to do with the deliverer who gets it into her head that Sheng is breaking up with her, despite host the Buddha’s Hand citrus represents happiness and long life. Ying Yue blames Peng Peng and is now out for revenge (surprise surprise).

Back to the baby making talk, Grand Empress has been scheming. She gets Lu Li and Qiang to set up a warm, light and romantic atmosphere in Peng Peng’s room and then puts Peng Peng into a dress she has designed. It doesn’t stop there, Grand Empress got her grandson a stock of Viagra!

While waiting for Sheng to arrive at Peng Peng’s room, Lu Li is worrying about their relationship, while dismissing Qiang’s cute advances. Lu Li then rejects Qiang because of his Eunuchness.

The episode ends with Qiang leading Sheng into Peng Peng’s palace.

Additional Comments:

Peng Peng’s acting ability can be terrible, but it can also be very good! This episode showed both of those attributes. I do think that the Grand Empress is incredibly besotted with her granddaughter-in-law and I think that is really sweet. Although, it looks like it’s going to be problematic for Peng Peng, because she really wants ‘him’ and Sheng to have a child.

This episode was pretty funny in places, but it seems to be setting up for more chaos, especially as Ying Yue is on the warpath now that she thinks Sheng is “breaking up” with her.

Also, the inclusion of the sponsor in this (again!) was hilarious ^^”

Thanks for reading! I hope you have a good day~


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