I Binge Watch/Read

We all have habits for how we watch/read and here are some of mine:

1. a period of excessive indulgence in an activity, especially drinking alcohol or eating.
1. indulge in an activity, especially eating, to excess.


I used to be able to watch episodes every week when they came out, but now I think I’m so impatient haha ^^” I generally like to watch a couple of episodes in a row (around 3-5). I love going into the world and, especially with dramas, every episode has a cliff hanger and I just want to continue!

2595407c-4ec0-4180-be00-5e2f6e3ecda7The last thing I watched as it came out was Secret Forest (which I recommend to everyone and their mum!) and that was because it was so good, that I was okay with waiting. However, for comedy/romantic dramas, I just want to binge watch them and feel happy and cosy if I feel down.

I would love to watch dramas as they air, so I could be more current and involved in the conversations as they go. Queen of Mystery series 2 comes out at the end of this month and I would love to watch it every week, but I know that I probably won’t. However, I’m getting more comfortable with letting myself go at my own pace and watch what I want, which tends to be dramas that are a year or more old haha
don’t judge me :p


It’s pretty much the same with books, as it is with television series. I’m impatient and these come out yearly or longer! Plus, I’m sometimes so forgetful that I forget the characters skulnames and what the hell has happened haha

As with dramas, I love to just delve myself into a world and I get invested in the characters and want to know if they succeed and are safe. I tend to read fantasy/urban fantasy and I read to escape, so I love to stay in the world as long as possible.

The only books I have read as soon as they come out are the Skulduggery Pleasant books (Derek Landy). These are my favourite books and I’ve been doing this since I was around twelve, so the habit is instilled into me haha! And even then, I tend to read all the books before each book comes out so I’m prepared! 🙂

Do you watch/read as things come out? Or do you binge watch/read like me?

Thanks for watching! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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