Kimi wa Petto 🐶 || Review

I have so many feeling about this drama. *SPOILERS*

Kimi wa Petto (You’re My Pet) was released last year and follows the life of Iwaya Sumire (Noriko Iriyama) who is a journalist and becomes rather down on her luck after her relationship ends. Takeshi Goda (Jun Shison) is also down on his luck and is basically homeless. A drunken Sumire takes him in because he reminds her of her childhood dog. He ends up becoming a permanent resident in Sumire’s home as her pet: Momo.

Kimi_wa_Pet_2017-585da008137c1Overall, I really enjoyed this drama. It made me laugh, pulled at my heartstrings and I felt so warm and fuzzy when the final episode ended. Of course, it was far from flawless.

The plot was simple and at times it was painstakingly slow.

Sumire’s serious professionalism as a journalist contrasted with her often weaker emotional home life that she hides from others. I enjoyed seeing her lighten up in both places, which was a way to show how integral Momo was in Sumire’s life. The fact that she got closer to her co-workers was because of her problems with her “pet” was amusing.

Sumire’s relationship with Momo was so pure and grew into a relationship where both people were able to depend and care for the other. For the most part, Momo was a comfort to Sumire, but Sumire had her moments too. My favourite thing about this couple was that they would comfort each other physically, with hugs or kisses, and there would be nothing sexual about it. First and foremost they are friends who care about each other and from that relationship stemmed romantic feelings. Of course, this became more and more frustrating when Sumire would still be hung up on Hasumi and oblivious to what she had right in front of her.

1122952v_01b132_1710230625_10Her relationship with Shigehito Hasumi (Terunosuke Takezai) was cute at the beginning, but it became boring and Sumire never really seemed as though she wanted to be in his company. This wasn’t really covered with this couple, but it felt as though the way they felt about each in the past was what was keeping them together in the present.

At first Shiori Fukushima (Yurina Yanagi) was the epitome of the evil conniving woman who wants the female leads man, in this case it was Hasumi and not Momo, and I was ready to dislike her. I mean Fukushima didn’t help herself. It’s still unclear to me if, after drugging Hasumi, if she raped him or not… from what I gather later on, she didn’t… but still… That aside, she did become rather likeable and through her relationship with Hasumi, we were able to see subtle redeeming qualities her character has.

Yuri Shirotae (Kayo Noro) and her daughter Ran-chan (Sonomi) were the real mpv’s of this drama. Yuri is Sumire’s best friend and through her tarot card trick, she was able to give Sumire the confidence she needed at certain times. I loved that Sumire had a female friend who she could also confide in. Female friends are the best!  And then Ran-chan was just incredibly adorable and she was such a little bundle of joy that I would smile whenever she would appear on screen haha

a1a3Overall, I enjoyed the acting. It was quirky and somewhat stilted at times, but I think if you have seen other Japanese dramas before, the vibe is more familiar to you. The little effects that coincided with some of Sumire’s emotions/actions were amusing and rather cute. I will say that the dance scenes (and I talked about this in my first thoughts post), were just not my cup of tea. I don’t know if it was the actor, or the way the dance scenes were shot, but I just felt uncomfortable watching them and just wanted them to end as soon as possible…

If you want to watch a cute, fluffy drama, with moments that will make you cry (if you’re a crybaby like me haha), and don’t mind being a little frustrated at the pacing, this is the drama for you!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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