It’s been a rough few weeks + resolutions

I really want to be positive, but this post will have to start with the not so positive.


I am a 3rd year University student, and I’m currently studying in Ireland for a year. I have never been good at time management and in 3 days, I wrote three essays. I basically became an owl. Also, protip: don’t be me. Writing 7000 words (and doing book research) in 3 days is not healthy for you.



Completely out of context, but that caption is so true, it almost offends me haha :p



My anxiety (and depression) get worse around exam time. I’m also a little hesitant to go home during holidays as well, which doesn’t help my brain.

Anxiety is something I will live with for the rest of my life, and if I really think about it, I have come so far from how I was.

Also, side note – how am I supposed to take my anti-depressants in the morning? When I get anxious/depressed, I don’t see the morning! 😅


Kim Jonghyun, the lead singer of SHINee committed suicide. I was going to write a post on this, but it honestly hurts too much. SHINee are my favourite group and even though I don’t know them, and have never met them, I love them. I can’t imagine how alone Jonghyun felt to have done this. And this is where I am going to end this, because I can feel myself fighting the tears.


4 in our sights, 5 in our hearts ❤

Jonghyun was an advocate for love and bettering yourself, and I want to do just that. I’m not perfect, no-one is and this journey will take a long time and there will be setbacks, but I want to try.

So, here are my 10 resolutions (not for the year, but for the foreseeable future) and they may be small and boring, but my mind needs small to get the motivation for the big things.

  1. Speak my mind/don’t be afraid to talk
  2. Embrace my appearance
    • When I insult myself, I’m insulting my parents and I should be proud of my features that resemble theirs.
  3. Become a morning person (this honestly might be the hardest… 😂)
  4. Write at least one blog post a week
  5. Film/Upload at least 2 videos per week
  6. Don’t leave essays until the last minute (ooh we have another contender for the hardest 😂)
  7. Read 50-100 pages a day
  8. Go to all of my classes (erm… we can do this Hayleigh!)
  9. Don’t be stressed or put down by the opinions/imagined opinions of people who don’t know me
  10.  Smile more

And there we have it. Hopefully, I can progress as a person by doing these things and be more content with my mind and life. What are some of your resolutions?

Oh and dramathon2… what’s that?! pffft 😂

Thank you for reading~


1 thought on “It’s been a rough few weeks + resolutions

  1. Hayleigh, well done on making a list to tackle your issues. The challenge for you now is: “what two or three things on that list will make a real difference to you”.

    As you said, anxiety and all that comes with it is a lifelong issue. However, you can manage this. You will find a way. I have experienced what you are going through (and still do). I was a terrible undergraduate, but a very good post graduate student later in life. I am not good with crowds, and dealing with people is a real challenge because of my issues. But I have been a successful CEO and trainer in my life – things that require facing up to both issues everyday.

    I promised some time ago to let you know about some Turkish dramas/movies to look at. Well here they are: Hayat Opucugu (a movie that is truly delightful and funny, but also a tearjerker); Sadece Sen (a little bit up and down) and Resurrection Ertugrul (a lengthy historical drama full of intrigue, betrayal, family, friendships and romance. It looks at the crusades from the Turkish viewpoint).

    My resolution this year, as it has been for many years, to pick myself up and dust myself off and deal with the next challenge.

    By the way, Splash, Splash, Love. Fabulous. There should be more shows like it.

    All the best for 2018

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