#Dramathon1 || Update + Challenge || Day 9

Hello! It is day 9 of #dramathon1 and here is my update and challenge!


I still have 2 episodes of Painless left, but I’m excited to finish it. It most definitely is not what I was expecting and I was definitely not expecting who the murderer was that Hayase was looking for!

Yesterday, I wanted a break from the crime/medical genre, so I ended up starting Full House Thai. The first episode was actually rather boring… However, drunk Aom-am on the plane was hilarious! And that made me want to continue. I ended up watching 4 episodes and it was getting so cute and I’m really enjoying the main leads interactions. Also! I would most definitely have gone to the police if someone had tricked me into selling my house, no matter who they were!

And now for the Challenge!

12th August! (Day 9):

  • Write dating profiles for a character/s of your choice.

After (hopefully) you’ve seen a couple of the dramas and gotten to know a few characters, I thought it would be a fun to make dating profiles for some of the characters! 


The Basics:

Interested in: A sensei who tries to keep me in check and who I look up to and always find myself going to their house. Something like this (i.e. their must be sexual tension!):

Ethnicity: Japanese

Body Type: I’m short.


“I’m a detective who is very high strung and could potentially kill someone. I mean I won’t because I’m a detective, but it’s a possibility… Also, I’m like a little firecracker and get angry a lot.”

Perfect Match:

A rugged doctor who gets babysat by his sister-in-law and tells me I could become a murderer. Nothing too specific.

Ideal Date:

Solving crime with a hot doctor.


The Basics:

ba7ec4c2f72f7947e16f7b4ad8fa2ccf--timeline-photos-full-house-thaiInterested in: Men who make me laugh and don’t mind me getting super happy and invasive when I’m drunk. Oh and I talk and act out my plot ideas, they have to be okay with that.

Ethnicity: Thai

Body Type: Short and cute :3


“I live in my family home with my sister, although at the moment I can’t find her and instead I’m having to deal with this arrogant superstar who bought my house. MY HOUSE WASN’T FOR SALE! I want to write a script that everyone will love and the South Koreans will make a remake drama of!”

Ideal Date:

Romantic and with food close by.

Plans for Today and Tomorrow:

  • Finish Painless: The Eyes For Signs.
    • You have 2 episodes left Hayleigh you can do it! \(^o^)/
  • Get to at least Episode 10 in the next two days ^^

Thank you for reading! Happy drama watching~



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