#Dramathon1 || Update and Challenge || Day 5

It’s day 5 of the Dramathon! It is the halfway point and I feel like I’m doing okay, so here’s a little update.


It is currently Monday and day 4, but I am preparing this post in advance because I am not going to have access to my laptop or the internet tomorrow. I am going on a day trip to Brighton with a friend!

Therefore, at this point in time I have only watched 2 episodes of Painless: The Eyes for Signs… by this evening, I will probably be halfway through (which would be on episode 5) because it is surprisingly very interesting. The premise that our main lead can diagnose what is wrong with you by just looking is impressive, but he can also determine if a person will/wants to kill – extra impressive!


And now for the Challenge! Of course because I’m doing this early, the episode I’m using for this challenge is episode 1 ^^

8th August (Day 5):

  • Screenshot your favourite scene of the episode you are currently watching.

There are wonderful scenes, be they funny, heartwarming or just beautifully shot, in dramas. This drama is simply to share those that you really like!ย 

Firstly, Tameyori’s face is priceless and it made me laugh haha ^^” I also really like his and Kazu-san’s relationship. She is his sister-in-law and they work/live together at his local clinic and I love that they get on and support each other and joke around (although it’s mostly Kazu-san that makes fun of him haha).ย 

Another scene I really liked was this one (it’s a funny one too! I think someone has the hots for the hospital director who operated on them ๐Ÿ˜›):

Thank you for reading! Happy drama watching~


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