Stuck In Dramaland #1

Hello! It’s July… Where is the time going?! Anyway, I’m going to be getting on top of this blog. I swear. I upgraded and I’m going to kick my butt into gear!

This is a  segment I am going to post every Friday and it will be an update on what I am watching and my thoughts. I would love for the comments to be a place where we can chat about dramas 🙂

So, without further ado, these are the drama’s I’m currently watching:

A Witch’s Romance!


A-Witchs-Romance_2340x1308I love the characters and even though the plot is turning into the usual romcom, I’m interested to see what happens next. JiYeon is hilarious and I really love her strength and even though she puts on the *bitch* act a lot of the time, she is so sweet and considerate (it’s just her way of showing it doesn’t make it obvious). The main lead is beautiful, but it’s Park SeoJoon, so obvs :p I think this relationship is really cute, my only issue is that I wish the conversations went both ways. They have such emotional and mature conversations, but we haven’t found out much about DongHa yet (I’m up to episode 6).

More of my thoughts can be found here!  (*spoilers*)

I really want to keep watching, the only problem is I’m kind of addicted to Taiwanese dramas at the moment, of which I am watching two!

The Perfect Match!

the-perfect-match-2340x1308I did an Episode 1 overview here and I would really recommend this drama! Tingen is such a refreshing male lead. He is an actual nice person (most of the time :p) and I just love how patient and helpful to our main lady! Overall Fenqing is a cute and passionate woman, but I just wish she wasn’t so naive. That naivety is lessening, but we spent a while for a it to happen (not to mention some passion in a wood ;P). 

At the moment I’ve watched 17 episodes and there is going to be a total of 20 episodes (and 19 are out so far I think). I’m waiting until the last episode comes out because I am a binge watcher haha ^^”

I will be doing a full review once I’ve finished the drama, both here and on my YouTube Channel (self promo haha ^^”).


bromance_channel_1560x872This is one I’ve been wanting to watch for a while. I wanted to do a first thoughts video, but I started it a couple of days ago and I’m half way through already. It’s so bad, but good at the same time! I’m not even sure how to describe this drama haha. It feels as though they had a list of all known drama cliches and decided to include them all!

It has gotten a little better, but it is still pretty cringe-worthy! I have watched several scenes wondering what I did to deserve this, but I can’t stop watching!

Yanou is a young woman, who has been living her life as a boy because a fortune teller told her parents that she would not survive if she continued her life as a girl. On her 26th birthday, she is free to assume all that it means to be a woman in her eyes. In the meantime, she becomes a “sworn brother” to Zifeng, the son of an old triad boss (all I’m going to say about this scene is: prepare yourself – weird shit happens). And of course, feelings arise and mishaps happen.

On a non-Asian Drama note, I am also watching Vera and Prime Suspect with my step-mum. They are both British crime dramas and they are so good!! Vera is my favourite, she is a kooky woman in charge of murder investigations and she take no shit. I love her. We’re midway through series 4 (there are 4 episodes in a series). It also helps that Joe is super hot too haha ^^”

Prime Suspect delves in to the issues of sexism in the police force in the early nineties. It stares Helen Mirren and I swear to god, if they hadn’t been such sexist morons, they would have solved the murder case a lot quicker! We watched series 1 yesterday (it’s 2 episodes) and I was so annoyed at the men!

As I said, I will be making a post like this every Friday. If you have any suggestions (dramas or post etc.) let me know! I’d love to hear your input ^^ I’m also planning on finishing Splash Splash Love and writing up the recaps! Eventually, I want to start up recapping Go Princess Go! and potentially doing thoughts videos on Scholar Who Walks The Night and I Remember You.

Thank you for reading! I hope you have had a good drama watching week and are having a lovely day~ (It’s boiling in the UK and I hate it! I just want to lie down and not move haha ^^”).


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