Go Princess Go! Episode 12 Recap

This drama is ridiculous and I LOVE IT!!!!!

Grand Empress is getting some pampering from Peng Peng, who she summoned because of the shopping mall. Having heard good things about it, the Grand Empress wants Peng Peng to find Chang San-Chien’s (an artist) summer scenery porcelain vase. Of course, Peng Peng is adamant that ‘he’ can find it for her.

A secret exchange then occurs between Peng Peng and a Eunuch who resells artworks. He has the vase ‘he’ is looking for and whilst looking at his other spoils, Peng Peng is surprised to see Michelangelo’s David. Due to this being an illegal object (the male genitalia is on show), Peng Peng manages to get it for free.

The next day has arrived and Peng Peng is frantically searching ‘his’ palace rooms for the David statue. ‘He’ is deeply troubled to find out that Lu Li accidentally sent the statue (which was hidden under a cloth) to the delivery service because she thought it was the vase.

Yang Yan (who is sorting out parcels) is thus disrupted by an energetic Peng Peng ruining his work by throwing the parcels which aren’t the one ‘he’ is looking for, off the shelves.

Meanwhile, Sheng is inquiring about the shopping mall to Eunuch Qiang and in finding out that you can send things anonymously, he gets Eunuch Qiang to send a parcel (I wonder who it’s too – YingYue or Peng Peng) with the message:

“Seeing this thing is equal to seeing me.”

Suddenly, in comes a deliveryman (with antennae…) with an urgent letter for Sheng to sign for. This letter, to Sheng’s confusion and horror, is a love letter written by Eunuch Qiang (which was obviously meant for Lu Li).

Sheng is lying in bed and Qiang happily comes in to give him a wash, however, after Qiang compliments (rather forwardly!) Sheng’s body, he implements a 3metre distance rule between them! (Lu Li and Qiang are so similar. This poor guy might cry!)

It’s a new day and Prince Zhao is standing up to Sheng, the pair willing to fight for the others no-interference in the matter of their relationships with Ying Yue. However, this “fight to the death” turns into the “Armour Cup Poems Writing Competition”, which is basically a giant ad and the breaking of the 4th wall by this drama for their only sponsor, “Armour” – a brand of Viagra… hahahahahahaha *dies* (also that box at the end looked like the one Sheng had mailed to someone….)

Additional Comments:

The shopping mall and the delivery service is going really well, which got rid of my anxiety about that! haha ^^” And I love the little hiccups that happened in this episode concerning the delivery service. Especially Sheng thinking that Eunuch Qiang loves him, I’m interested to see how that is resolved… Also, I can’t wait to see the Grand Empress getting the David statue, I think that will be hilarious!

This episode was simply laughs and I loved it! The end was so confusing and then downright hilarious! I love that they integrated an ad for their sponsor into the programme and they kind of kept in character. It really highlights how limited the crew and production team were in making this drama and it makes it more of an experience to watch and really appreciate the work and effort to make this drama as pretty as they did~

Thanks for reading~


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