Go Princess Go! Episode 11 Recap

Move out the way other businesses, AliPengPeng is here!! haha!

It’s been so long since I’ve done a recap, that the motivation has been low and the fear that it’s going to be terrible has been high… I’ve finally done one, so hopefully the slump will leave and hopefully this isn’t a terrible recap ^^”

Peng Peng and Lu Li are in high spirits after the officiating ceremony of the former’s Empress status (which sadly we didn’t see). Peng Peng reveals that ‘he’ feels like the world is in ‘his’ hands, however, Lu Li takes this statement to mean that it is in Sheng’s hands and now he has Peng Peng and vice versa.

Sheng then comes to make a visit, reassuring Peng Peng (when ‘he’ starts making excuses for leaving) that Sheng’s visit will be a short one. He is happy that Peng Peng is now his Empress and just wanted to talk for a bit.

Sheng reveals to Peng Peng that the reason his grandfather chose him to be the Emperor one day, was because Sheng chose to play with Peng Peng on a visit to her home when they were children. Sheng believes his grandfather was reminded of how he and the Grand Empress met and remarks that he thinks ‘he’ is similar to her.

Peng Peng tells Sheng that they should look to the future (no doubt not wanting to slip up on what happened in the past) and tells him that it’s late. Sheng takes ‘his’ not so subtle hint and leaves (why is he now stumbly drunk!). As he leaves, Peng Peng “whispers” to Eunuch Qiang to take Sheng to You Lan palace (where Ying Yue is), but Sheng tells Qiang to take him to his own palace (he is so fed up of Peng Peng trying to put him with Ying Yue!).

Several days have passed and Peng Peng’s nap is disturbed by Lu Li’s (unwanted) report about how for the last few nights, Sheng has been going to see Ying Yue, but not staying the night. Lu Li collected this information because she doen’t want Ying Yue to steal Peng Peng’s limelight (I love how loyal she is! It’s so cute). 

Peng Peng muses that this gossip could have use in the future, but their discussion is interrupted by a servant relaying a message that the other wives want to seek justice. Peng Peng is not pleased and tells Lu Li to tell them that the “Neighbourhood Suppot Group” is not open as it’s a weekend! (hahaha). However, Lu Li explains to the sulking Empress that ‘he’ needs to go.

The meeting commences with a lot of crying (all fake) and Peng Peng sits through the wives telling ‘him’ that they feel that ‘he’ is the one who has been a victim of injustice. They have overheard Ying Yue’s servants saying that Peng Peng is cruel, fake and scheming. However, Peng Peng sees through this false sincerity as realises that the wives don’t like how Sheng isn’t giving them any attention, but giving it to “the fake wife”.

However, when one of the wives starts actually crying and ruins her makeup, the wives attention becomes focused on the new invention of water-resistant makeup. They then leave Peng Peng, not caring about the matter they brought to ‘his’ attention.

It’s late at night and Lu Li has brought Peng Peng some durian (the stinky fruit!), however, Peng Peng’s thoughts are on how ‘he’ can’t take being the head of the wives club anymore! Lu Li laughs at ‘him’ for excluding ‘himself’ when Peng Peng asks why women love to be jealous and why they get distracted by makeup. ‘He’ knows ‘he’ can’t just ask the wives to go to a comfort room or go shopping, but then gets an idea!

The next moning, Sheng is confronted in his office, by an enthusiastic Peng Peng, who has a name for ‘his’ shopping mall idea ‘AliPengPeng’ (is this a play on ‘ali baba’? haha). However, Sheng is not on board. Peng Peng then gives a speech about how this plan is for him. That the wives and others are hearing about how Sheng is only spending time with Ying Yue and that this plan could be a good distraction for them.

Peng Peng explains to Sheng that all women will feel better, no matter the situation, when they hear that their delivery has arrived (pahaha so true ^^”). And ‘he’ plans to have a delivery section within the mall.

Yang Yan and Jiu Wang are complaining about how much their wrists are hurting from all the delivery notes that they have written out (the sexual innuendo leading up to this ^//^). Jiu Wang notes that if this works, Peng Peng really is a clever woman. With these thoughts and higher spirits the pair carry on with their work (those two are so cute :3 Yang Yan and Jiu Wang! I kind of want them to be a couple).

Meanwhile, the other wives think that this scheme is simply to get Sheng’s attention. However, they laugh and joke with other, hoping to get a discount and kissing up to Peng Peng.

Prince Zhao and his band of men, are in charge of sorting out the parcels on where they need to go and then delivering them. He sets his men to work, however, ends up being the only one working. His men can’t read.

However, he is super tired out after a while, and joins his men sleeping on the floor. (oh, Prince Zhao gave up, hopefully that doesn’t hinder anything…)

Additional Comments:

This episode was rather fun. Peng Peng has started a business and it looks like a lot of people will be getting involved. It seemed like the whole “family” was working together (aside from a select few of course). Hopefully, it doesn’t all fall to pieces *fingers crossed*.

I feel that Sheng is embracing his feelings for Peng Peng, however, is restraining himself because of the things that ‘he’ says and how ‘he’ acts. I think he is confused and wants to ask, but is embarrassed or afraid of what Peng Peng will tell.

Thank you for reading~


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