Eating Existence Episode 6 Recap

Our Tragedy Started With The Rib Eye Steak. “Finally my alien will become the star.” – Does he mean the actual alien from Alien or Yang? haha Byeong is a designer at a gaming company, and his boss is happy with how his latest designs did. Due to his Team Leaders good mood, he brings up…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 6 Recap

Eating Existence Episode 5 Recap

A Magical Taste That Makes Everything Delicious No Matter What You Put In. If only you could give fictional characters hugs and icecream when they are sad… Yang is bored out of her mind at a conference, thinking this is what you get for falling for pyramid schemes. Her balance is low and it seems…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 5 Recap

Go Princess Go! Episode 8 Recap

The characters are really starting to grow from the relationships they are forming and it looks like misunderstandings won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Peng Peng and Guard Li reach a midway stop before the military base. Yang Yan walks over, proclaiming that a goddess has arrived (what a sweetie!), and commenting on ‘his’ trendy…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 8 Recap

Eating Existence Episode 4 Recap

You Are Mine, But You Are Still Like Mine, Even if You Are Not (This doesn’t seem grammatically or structurally correct…) While trying to talk herself out of feeling hungry, Yang stumbles on some good news online. The concert that she missed because of the work party (?) was cancelled and thus rescheduled. However, once…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 4 Recap

Eating Existence Episode 3 Recap

The Taste of Love That I’ve Forgotten I want cake now… *cries* Yang is writing in her room (to enter a competition I think), but her imagination is not playing today. The phrase “Imitation is the mother of Creation” leads Yang to flip through some of her books and finding inspiration from The Little Prince.…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 3 Recap