Eating Existence Finale Recap

With Every Dish, There Is A New Taste Of Life. The end is here. By the looks of things YeRi came to pay her respects at the funeral at some point, as we watch the pair talk about YeRi’s realisation that her fiance was in fact seeing another woman. However, the marriage is still taking…… Continue reading Eating Existence Finale Recap

Eating Existence Episode 9 Recap

A Bowl Of Spicy Beef And Vegetable Soup That Fills You And I. Byeong becomes a hero. Yang runs out and hugs Byeong, but tells him that she still doesn’t want marriage or children and that they should end things. However, Byeong doesn’t want to and for now, he is fine with dating. The pair…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 9 Recap

Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

If The Truth Is Mixed In, It’s Still Delicious Once It’s Cooled Down. I don’t think I’d want Yang as a tutor… haha Yang gets a phonecall from her mother, telling her she ought to just come home if she can’t find a job, get married and have children. After giving her the job idea…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 8 Recap

Eating Existence Episode 7 Recap

A Spicy Fish Eggs Hot Pot Cannot Become Ramen. I don’t think I could have said no to be very honest haha ^^” The main couple are being cute as they eat (I don’t know what this is…), however, both are distracted and in firm agreement that they need to make the food being advertised…… Continue reading Eating Existence Episode 7 Recap

Go Princess Go! Episode 9 Recap

I feel like if I was left on my own, with nothing to really do, after a while I would probably do the same thing as Peng Peng haha ^^” The morning has arrived and Peng Peng suddenly wakes up, exclaiming that ‘he’ needs water for the cloth. However, before ‘he’ runs off, ‘he’ notices…… Continue reading Go Princess Go! Episode 9 Recap