Eating Existence Episode 2 Recap

We Were Able To Bond With Spicy Rice Cakes

We finally get to see No MinWoo on our screens~

We’re at the office and Boss tells Yang to stop sleeping and answer the phone. Bleary eyed she puts the phone to her ear, and the caller tells asks her why she isn’t up yet. Boss then comes over and the female voice comes out of his mouth.

Yang wakes up, dropping the phone she has to her ear (I assume it was YeRi calling). Remembering what happened the night before makes her squirm in embarrassment. Yang wonders if she is an alien after not just eating the oysters and letting it go.

After having showered, Yang ponders on her hunger, comparing it to dealing with a low level gangster, as they relentlessly come for you three times a day. Yang quickly scribbles down this analogy in her notebook, saving it for her novel in the future (so she does write). 

She then gets a texts from YeRi, explaining that Boss has told her to take Yang’s belongings from the office and that she will treat Yang to spicy rice cake (ddeokbokki). 

YeRi gets to the queue for the ddeokbokki street stall, but Park Byeong (No MinWoo) gets in line before her. This poses a problem for YeRi as he keeps letting people go in front of him.

i really want to try ddeokbokkiYang comes out to meet YeRi and they go back to Yang’s apartment as it is in the neighbourhood. YeRi chastises Yang for always speaking her mind as it gets her into trouble, in this case giving in her resignation. Yang vaguely recalls scribbling down “resignation” on a piece of paper, which YeRi hands her to sign, on the orders of Boss.

Yang laughs at it and the pair decide to eat first.

Talk turns to how much YeRi likes ddeokbokki and how she found out about the stall from her boyfriend, one who Yang thought she’d broken up with. YeRi says that sometimes fighting can make you become closer. YeRi explains that he is planning on opening a ddeokbokki restaurant, which makes Yang tell her to leave him, as he has already had several failed businesses.

This annoys YeRi, especially as she notes that Yang’s “awesome boyfriend” has been in hiding for six months. Yang says that’s not relevant and YeRi storms out of her apartment (still wearing a pair of Yang’s tracksuit bottoms ha!).

why would you let everyone queue jumpYang. who has lost her appetite since resigning, realises that the ddeokbokki was only delicious because she was eating it with YeRi

Meanwhile, Byeong has finally reached the ddeokbokki stall, however, they are done for the day. The employee notes that he was too nice, letting everyone go before him. Byeong steps away, but keeps looking at the stall, as though magically more will appear.

Additional Comments:

Do I like this? I’m not actually sure…

This whole episode was a kind of aftermath of what happened in episode 1, but it seemed lacklustre and even boring.

Our male lead made an appearance, and he looks to be the opposite of the generic cold male lead we see a lot these days, which fits seeing as our female lead does not fit the generic category either. I think it will be interesting to see this drama when the leads actually meet and interact, because such opposites must make for entertaining viewing (I hope). 

Thank you for reading~


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