Plans Have Gone Awry…

This week has not gone as planned and I may not have internet for the next few days, therefore my blog update on Monday won’t be the same.

My Plans Now Are:

Friday (a.k.a today~):

  • Go Princess Go! Episode 4 Recap


  • Go Princess Go! Episode 5 Recap


  • Go Princess Go! Episode 6 Recap

I’m going to schedule these posts and I hope no-one gets bored of GPG haha ^^” I’m really enjoying it at the moment and it is a nice distraction from how I have been feeling, whereas Puck or SWWTN aren’t the happiest at the moment…

I won’t be doing a Song I’m Loving post this week because I haven’t really been listening to any kpop that I haven’t included in the previous ones.

I might also stop doing these because I feel like I never really stick to them and I already have a weekly outline on my Introduction/Welcome page.

I hope you are having a great week and thank you for reading~


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