Go Princess Go! Episode 4 Recap

This episode wasn’t the best, but there were some laughable moments and I’m loving the further introduction of Yang Yan~

Having angered Sheng in the forest, no meal is allowed meat. Due to this Peng Peng refuses to eat, and goes to bed.

While rolling around in ‘his’ bed, Peng Peng is wailing that ‘he’ is dying of hunger. Suddenly, Yang Yan comes down from the ceiling, knocking into the table (what a cutie!).

Peng Peng’s annoyance at his arrival is momentarily dismissed when a cooked chicken is produced. Yang Yan is shocked by how Peng Peng tears into the chicken! While Peng Peng is eating, Yang Yan explains that he was sent by Jiu Wang and was able to get in due to his special martial art (a rather clumsy skill…).

Still stuffing chicken into ‘his’ mouth, Peng Peng gets up when Yang Yan calls him “sister”. Having only met twice and in unfavourable circumstances, ‘he’ feels that this close title shouldn’t be used. Yang Yan is sad that Peng Peng didn’t recognise him at the brothel. Again Peng Peng doesn’t believe that the pair were there on official business.

Getting annoyed by the nonsense Yang Yan is spouting, Peng Peng shouts for Lu Li to bring Osmanthus cake to ‘him’.

In an open room, Peng Peng starts to force the cakes into Yang Yan’s mouth, nearly choking him, which is what you get for constantly calling Peng Peng a woman! Yang Yan apologises and leaves, falling over several times in his upset state.

Back with Jiu Wang, Yang Yan tells him that he couldn’t get any information on Peng Peng and Sheng’s relationship, even though he nearly died (this poor baby, he even has hiccups now!). Even so, he wants so see her again! Peng Peng is energetic and not how she was described before, an unfavoured and bitter wife. Jiu Wang wonders if this new attitude is Sheng’s doing.

Before more can be said on this, Yang Yan gets a stomach ache and lets one rip! Super embarrassed he rushes out and we hear that he was not quick enough to a bathroom… (eeeewwwww!) 

A new day has arrived and Peng Peng is moaning at the lack of entertainment, and turns down each suggestion Lu Li gives.

Having been told a crowd has formed around Peng Peng’s palace, Sheng goes to see what ‘he’ is doing. Peng Peng is dancing with Lu Li (and being very touchy feely in the process!).

After everything has settled down, Sheng sits with Peng Peng, to give ‘him’ news that ‘he’ will be going home on Daughters Day. Of course Peng Peng asks not to go, but Sheng dismisses her request, asking why ‘he’ keeps preventing from returning home. Seeing through Peng Peng’s acting (of having a headache), he gives her three days to give him a legitimate excuse.

In bed ‘he’ thinks of several stories to tell, however, Peng Peng’s imaginative interrogation does not end well after each is told (and what the actual hell is Sheng wearing?!?! I nearly had a heartattack and a laughing fit!).

Peng Peng finally settles on telling Sheng exactly what happened. Sheng does not fully understand what ‘he’ is saying, but agrees to think on it. Ying Yue who was listening behind a screen, enters the room when Peng Peng leaves. She believes that evil spirits may have gotten to Peng Peng, and that they should get a priest. However, Sheng recalls a story he once read about how a woman changed overnight, as though she had the same body, but a different heart.

In the midst of this we see that Peng Peng is worried that next time something happens ‘he’ may be holding ‘his’ head in ‘his’ hands.

Ying Yue has also heard the story, and brings out that the woman was fated to be the cause of her husbands death, a man ignored this and soon after died. Ying Yue explains that she is concerned for Sheng’s safety.

Peng Peng is ready for bed, however, thinking that Lu Li is trying to seduce ‘him’, ‘he’ happily puts on the dress she has prepared. Of course, it turns out to be Sheng who ‘he’ will be meeting outside. Peng Peng is not happy and tells Sheng straight out that ‘he’ isn’t interested in him. Sheng orders Peng Peng to go change (as ‘his’ outfit is slightly revealing and he looks tempted!).

Several nights later, Peng Peng looks to have no sleep again as ‘he’ is unable to recall the faces in the book about Peng Peng’s family. Sheng is equally frustrated at how his teaching is not going in.

Additional Comments:

This episode was a weak one in my opinion.

This episode showed us more of how Zhang Peng wants to have sex with Lu Li and how ‘he’ keeps thinking she is trying to seduce ‘him’ when she really isn’t!

I’m a little unsure of the relationship between Jui Wang and the former Zhang Peng Peng because he’s trying to find out about the relationship between Peng Peng and Sheng, I assumed that they were already a pair. But it makes sense that he would go to save her, seeing as Sheng went for Ying Yue and not his wife.

Talking of Ying Yue, she seems super shady to me! I mean why was she creeping behind a screen when Peng Peng came to talk to Sheng?! And when they both talked about what Peng Peng told Sheng, it seemed like she was using the ‘I don’t want you to get hurt’ trope as a way of getting rid of Peng Peng.

Sheng confused me in this episode. He has been consistent in his loathing and cold nature towards Peng Peng, but in this episode it was like that wasn’t so much the case. Sheng seems to feel that something is amiss with his wife, but I’m not sure why he is helping her as much as he is. Is Sheng scared that if he doesn’t help Peng Peng then his fate will be the same as the man in the story?

I feel that Zhang Peng has also done a 180 and now doesn’t want to die at all and is trying to makes sure ‘he’ doesn’t. I think this works well with what happened in episode 2 and how ‘he’ wants to live shamelessly now.

Again, the ending was not great, I think it’s the worst one so far. This is disappointing seeing as how good I thought episode 2 was… but I will continue, as I know how good it can be and Yang Yan is so darn cute ♥

Thank you for reading~


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