Songs I’m Loving – WEEK SIX


Here are a few songs that I have really enjoyed listening to this week~ I hope you enjoy and feel free to share what songs you’ve been loving in the comments below β™₯

DAY6 – “Letting Go(놓아 놓아 놓아)”

I love that JYPEntertainment puts English subtitles to their videos! Letting Go from Day6 is about letting someone go when you have nothing left to offer them, so that they can be happier in the future.

This song definitely reminds me of Congratulations which was their title track for their debut and there is nothing wrong with that! I love Day6’s sound, it feel original and fresh~ Each singer has a great voice that goes really well with the music.

The MV was rather simple, but the use of special effects gave it that different spin. What I love about bands is watching them play the instruments. People who play instruments automatically become more handsome to me haha ^^”

I’m really looking forward to more from Day6, both albums are so good!

Super Junior – “Devil”

I have been in a Super Junior mood all week (and of course that includes SJM)! I don’t know why, but I’m not complaining, I love these idiots!

The song I have mostly been listening to is Devil. This song is basically how someone wants a person who is like a devil, in the way that they treat them – basically the main lead in a lot of kdramas :p

I love that the song has a very suave, fun sound to it, which is very Super Junior~

I haven’t really seen the actual MV for this song, but I really likeΒ the performance version. The members can be both cute and cool when they perform and there is a generally fun atmosphere, which yes may not fit the lyrics super well, but it’s great for a fan to see.

GOT7 – “Just right(λ”± μ’‹μ•„)”

I’m just going to admit that I do not like ‘Fly’, which is why I have listened to some of GOT7’s other music. And who doesn’t just love cute and cheerful Kpop music?!

This song is about accepting yourself and being you are and not focusing on what other people think about your appearance. I think this is such an important message and I love that this was targeted towards a younger girl, as I would think that GOT7’s fanbase is predominately made of this demographic.

The video is super cute and how a lot of people just assume all kpop is like (even though it isn’t). It will definitely make you smile, the boys are cute and so it the young girl~

Also singing along to Jackson’s part at the beginning makes me laugh! :p

SHINee – “View”

I’ve recently been deprived of SHINee, which is entirely my fault… but just like Super Junior, I’ve been listening to a lot of their music this week. “View” is one of those songs (but don’t forget the old classics~).Β 

I love everything about SHINee, even though their sound changes, it still has a stong SHINee vibe. They each have great voices, and when you put them all together, it just makes wonderful music β™₯

From what I can gather this song is about embracing new things and being free and enjoying life.

I love the MV, it’s fun, interesting and I just like the idea of my babies doing these things freely without being followed or hurt.

What songs have you been loving this week?

Thank you for reading~


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