Go Princess Go! Episode 3 Recap

I had forgotten how cheesy and badly made the opening credits are for this! hahaha

Peng Peng ends up outside a brothel and is shocked to find out that ‘his’ disguise was seen through with just one look (I love his comment about how in dramas girls dressed as men are unnoticed for so long!). However, with money ‘he’ gets access to the brothel without anymore questions.

Momentarily, Peng Peng’s nerves give out and ‘he’ tries to leave, however, upon setting eyes on the girls, ‘he’ happily comes to greet them. Peng Peng happily sits with the ladies, consuming large quantities of wine! ‘He’ heads to the bathroom (that one woman sent herself unconscious… that’s some dedicated cosplay!).

Out of habit and due to ‘his’ drunken state, Peng Peng heads to the men’s bathroom. In the stall next to ‘his’ is a rather stunned Jiu Wang (he’s in a brother?! It’s always the quiet ones ;)!) Peng Peng realises that there is something amiss in ‘his’ trousers and ends up stumbling out of the bathroom saying sorry (in English! Ha!).

After getting drunk, a good massage is just what Peng Peng needs. While Lu Li is massaging ‘his’ arms, she asks why Peng Peng keeps calling her baby recently. Peng Peng pulls her onto ‘his’ lap:

Of course Lu Li is super happy at this, both is thrown off Peng Peng’s lap when a couple of Eunuchs come in with some news. The Grand Empress has organised a welcome home party for Sheng, whose arrival shocks Peng Peng.

Peng Peng goes out to wait for Sheng, but is immediately distracted by his other wives. This time they are not too happy to see ‘him’, as they want Sheng’s attention when he arrives. Lu Li pulls Peng Peng away, still confused as to why ‘he’ suddenly wants to be close them.

Sheng walks in (what even is that thing strapped to him for?!) and he opens his arms to Peng Peng. ‘He’ looks to the screen and wonders if Sheng wants ‘him’ to hug him, and to save him some face, Peng Peng does just that. It’s a short and awkward hug, with Peng Peng patting him and telling him “You worked hard, bro” (pahahaha!). However, ‘he’ is mortified when Sheng just meant for her to take the contraption thing off him.

Inside, at the welcome back party, Sheng is acting odd and being attentive to Peng Peng. ‘He’ asks Sheng if he is alright, if the hot weather has melted his coldness (Ha!). But of course it’s just an act in front of Grandma.

Opposite are Prince Zhao and Ying Yue. Peng Peng gets Zhao’s attention and tries to get him to take off the hat, but he takes it as Peng Peng liking it on him. On this note, the Grand Empress even notes that it is well made. She tells Zhao to make one for Sheng, which sends Peng Peng into a fit of the giggles, apparently in China wearing a green hat means that your wife is cheating (erm awkward…)

Soon after the Grand Empress leaves and the green hat’s symbolism comes into play. While everyone seats themselves after bowing to the Grand Empress, YingYue and Sheng remain standing and are smiling at each other. Peng Peng is angry at this, because how it looks like Sheng is bullying Zhao, but then does nothing when Zhao looks over at ‘him’ pleadingly.

Jiu Wang walks in (like an angel~). He shares a toast with Sheng on his arrival home and then goes to share one with Peng Peng (who had been hiding behind ‘his’ sleeve!). However, Sheng stops them and orders for more wine to be prepared. They then have a drinking match.

Sheng’s other wives start cheering for Jiu Wang, but after being reminded who their husband is, they change sides! Peng Peng on the other hand is confused by the whole situation, so ‘he’ and Lu Li sneak out.

why is this happening to me againLater that night, Peng Peng watches as Jiu Wang walks into the wrong bathroom. Telling those waiting to use the bathroom that there is a ghost, ‘he’ can talk to Jiu Wang alone. Of course Peng Peng makes it weird, sidling up next to him while he is using a cubicle. Outside they both come to an agreement not to talk about their bathroom mishaps. This leads to them both wondering why the other was in the brothel.

Jiu Wang explains that he was there on business, which Peng Peng doesn’t believe at all, saying it’s only natural for men to go to places like that.

It’s now the middle of the night and Peng Peng is happily walking through the forest, in hopes that Lu Li has that in mind this evening. However, it is Yang Yan (Guo Fiction) who is there to meet ‘him’ instead.

Yang Yan shows Peng Peng where YingYue is and ‘he’ notices that Sheng is with her. YingYue is not happy about how Sheng was acting towards Peng Peng at the party. Sheng explains everything which makes her happier. YingYue then hugs Sheng, on the premise that she is cold. Meanwhile, Peng Peng and YangYan (who has snacks! This is not a film guys!) are chanting “kiss”.

YangYan wipes his hands clean, which catches the attention of Sheng. He tells YingYue to go inside and he catches Peng Peng before ‘he’ can hide (unlike YangYan who monkey climbs up a tree!). 

he is not believing him at allSheng demands to know why Peng Peng is there, and gets the lame excuse that ‘he’s just looking at the moon. Of course the lightning and thunder make ‘his’ excuse even less believable. Sheng tells Peng Peng to go back and to abstain (what?). Peng Peng shout after him angrily, questioning the fact that Sheng can see the moon, but ‘he’ can’t.

When Sheng walks off, Yang Yan calls down to Peng Peng, asking for help as some of his clothes fell off as he was climbing. However, Peng Peng is not happy with him and leaves him up there in his pants!

Additional Comments:

This episode had some great laugh out loud moments. The plot was sort of moved along a little, but not by much. We are definitely getting a sense of who Zhang Peng is and ‘he’ is hilarious. Crystal is also perfect for this role!

Throughout the episode, there was a lot of Zhang Peng (i.e. his voice) which would occur when Zhang Peng Peng faced the camera and mouthed the words. Now, I’m not sure how I feel about this, especially as it hasn’t really happened in the previous episodes and it happened several times in this one. I think it adds some more quirkiness to it, but it’s something I will have to get used to.

We see for certain in this episode that Sheng is not being faithful to his wives and I really don’t like cheaters. I especially don’t like how they are so blatant about it! Poor Prince Zhao looked so awkward at that welcoming home party.

I do like that there is a strange, but cute little bromance going on between Peng Peng and Zhao, I hope that is developed further and we get more scenes with the both of them.

I also thought the scenes with Peng Peng and Jiu Wang were hilarious! Especially the bathroom stall scenes, his faces were so funny. I also think this relationship could be interesting to watch. Especially with the conflict between Sheng and Wang and I really want to know what that conflict comes from!

The episodes really have no clear ending really, which can be a bit jarring. I will say this one was a lot better than the last few, mainly because it was hilarious! That poor little Yang Yan ♥

The humour is strange, but epic in places and I’m really happy to start each episode!

Thank you for reading~


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