04.04.16 -10.04.16

Picture25 editedLast week was terrible, in both my studies and this blog… And it looks like this week will provide the same pain, if not more. I hate tests and looking at my emails, I now have both tomorrow… and I have yet to prepare for the essay as I thought it was Wednesday… Someone run me over please… haha ^^”

However, this academic term ends on Wednesday! So I have that to look forward to haha ^^” Which makes it more likely that I will finish what I plan in this post.

My Plans For This Week:


  • We Broke Up Episode 10 (Finale) Recap

(I watched this episode, and I don’t know… it was kind of meh to be honest).


  • Songs I’m Loving WEEK 4 and 5

(I just didn’t have the motivation to do anything last week, which is why I’m just going to make one big post for last week and this week. I don’t think it will be very long, I’ve been listening to a lot of Aurora and other artists at the moment ^^). 

  • We Broke Up – Top 5 Moments

(Sorry if all the moments involve a certain man by the name of HyunWoo… :p)

I hope your week goes well and if you are also a student with exams, I wish you all the best! Fighting \(^o^)/


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