29.03.16 -03.04.16 “Wait… April starts in 3 days?!”

Picture25 editedI ate way too much chocolate over the Easter weekend… ^^”

Anyway, last week I managed to do what I had planned, and this week, as well as next week will probably be along the same lines.

It’s the last two weeks of this term and it is more than hectic 😭 But after that I can recap as much as I want! Think happy thoughts! haha ^^”

Plans For This Week:


  • We Broke Up Episode 10 (FINALE) Recap

(I’m really wondering how this webdrama will be wrapped up and if I will enjoy it… it’s been an “okay” webdrama so far I guess.)

If I suddenly learn how to manage days properly and efficiently, a Top 5 Moments post may also appear for We Broke Up, either on this day or the Sunday~


  • Songs I’m Loving – WEEK FOUR

I really want to get back to recapping Go Princess Go, but I have terrible time management and I know I will prioritise it over revision and essay writing because it’s fun and I just love to hide in stories… but two weeks isn’t that long away and I shall be reunited with Peng Peng soon 😍

Thank you for reading~


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