Songs I’m Loving – WEEK THREE

Hello! I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t listened to a lot of kpop this week. My love for the Sweeney Todd soundtrack was rekindled this week and I have spent many times just going through the whole thing! (It’s so good people!).

However, I have listened to 3 songs a lot which I wanted to share ♥


I don’t have much knowledge or experience with Ladies Code, apart from some old songs and of course the tragedy that caused two members, RiSe and EunB, to lose their lives.

I was happy to see that these women were able to comeback in such a strong way. Galaxy is a suave, sexy and cool song that I really enjoy listening to.

The music video is very cool and artsy and extremely visually pleasing. Sometimes the quick change of shot can be a bit jolting, but overall it doesn’t ruin the complete experience in my opinion and sometimes it’s pretty cool, such as when the shot changes colour.

Also whoever was in charge of styling and hair, they did an amazing job. These women look stunning!

I was definitely impressed with Ashley’s vocals, and Zuny and SoJung were interesting as well. I don’t remember this group having such strong vocals, but that may be because the songs I did listen to were not like this style at all.

Jung DongHa – If I

This song is about wondering if you could turn back time would it help to make a relationship last. The person is clearly not over whoever left them and doesn’t agree with the words of those around her, that time will ease her pain and she can love again without that person.

I adore the way this MV is shot! There are a lot of moments that are done in reverse and it really adds this strong desire for the main woman (actress Lee SeYoung) to turn back time. However, I’m going to lie and say I wasn’t completely confused at the end… I mean is she sad because she murdered him? Why did she? Help me please haha ^^”

I love DongHa’s vocals and I also loved how he was integrated into the mv. I first saw him on Immortal Song 2 and I really recommend listening to more of his music and watching the IS2 performances ♥

MAMAMOO – 넌 is 뭔들 (You’re the best)

I love MAMAMOO, their concepts are always so engaging and their vocals are absolutely stunning and unique! This is a strong group of singers, whose voices work incredibly well together.

This song is about falling for someone and trying to make them fall for you, all the while thinking about how amazing and swoon worthy they are!

The video sort of makes fun of this concept, which we see in kpop a lot, by using skits that show the members trying to attract the man and slightly making fools of themselves or doing things for him. Only to realise that this man is a player and isn’t really serious about any of them.

The MV was so vibrant and fun to watch. I really do love this whole groups aesthetic, it’s wonderful. The little skits were enjoyable and these kinds of things make MV’s very enjoyable for the viewer. The outfits were all on point! I loved them so much.

This is an extremely catchy song and I’m not going to lie and say this hasn’t been played on a loop for several hours while I’ve been “studying”… haha :p

That’s all for this week, however, I just wanted to show a few videos that I found and I’ve really enjoyed listening to as well. These clips are from “100 People 100 Songs”, I only stumbled on these clips randomly this week and I wish I knew somewhere with eng subs to watch it as the concept looks so interesting to watch.

Ken (VIXX aka. Kenjumma, aka. my the voice of an angel)

Jimin (15& aka. one of the strongest, steadiest voices ever, aka. miss sass)

K.Will (aka. angel voice, aka. how can people think this man is unattractive? He’s like a cross between Kim JongKook and Daesung! Both very attractive men!)

Sandeul (B1A4, aka. that voice is not expected, he looks so squishy and cute) also, the audience member has a really nice voice as well! ^^

I’m going to stop here, as I may just put in all the ones I like, and there are a lot haha ^^”

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a lovely rest of the weekend~ ♥


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