Go Princess Go! Episode 2 Recap

All throughout this, typing Shang instead of Sheng was super hard! I should not still have a crush on Disney characters… haha ^^”

Anyway, this was an ‘interesting’ episode that embarrassed and intrigued me, much like how I felt when watching The Lover and I loved that drama, so I’m hoping this is how I feel with this drama too!

I’m happy to be watching and recapping this ^^~

We watch again as Zhang Peng Peng is told to get lost by the Crown Prince – Qi Sheng – outside of Shen Ning Palace. ‘He’ tells Sheng to mind his language which makes Sheng move a few paces away from Peng Peng. Not seeming too discouraged, Peng Peng turns her attention to Prince Zhou who is knelt the other side of ‘him’.

dude how long we gonna be herePrince Zhou explains that this is so important that he will kneel for a year if he has to. Peng Peng is shocked and gets up, shouting to be seen by the Grand Empress, her way blocked by guards.

Inside the palace, the Grand Empress is asking about what is going on outside. She is not impressed by the commotion being made for just one girl and is ashamed for them. The Grand Empress is told of Peng Peng trying to get in and doesn’t see why the guards dare to block ‘him’ (does the GE have a soft spot for Peng Peng?). 

The Grand Empress goes out onto the steps of the palace and puts Sheng in his place, saying it is not he who should beg on behalf of Ying Yue (he looks upset at that statement – affair?). 

Peng Peng gets races up the steps the Grand Empress, exclaiming that it was ‘his’ fault that Sheng fell in the water and that it was ‘his’ tactics and evil heart that made ‘him’ do it.

Peng Peng begs that the Grand Empress sentence ‘him’ to death and not play favouritism or fall for ‘his’ looks. However, the Grand Empress see this all as an act (which it is Ha!) and chastises Sheng for putting his wife in a position where ‘he’ would do this (much to the despair of Peng Peng!). 

Sheng, instead of standing up for ‘his’ wife, points out that ‘he’ has admitted ‘his’ crime. The Grand Empress calls him stupid, and rightly so! She decides that she must go to Jiang Bei (which I’m guessing is his home?) and do some inspection. The Grand Empress tells Sheng not to dare come back until he has learnt how to get along with his wife. He only relents when he hears that the Emperor wishes this too.

Ying Yue is then brought out on a stretcher and both Zhao and Sheng run over to her. Zhao is extremely happy to see his wife and picks her up and leaves. Simultaneously we see Ying Yue glance at Sheng and his pained expression when his outstretched arms are not the ones around her. The Grand Empress notices this and looks saddened.

Peng Peng gets up and cries out to be put to death, however, ‘his’ plan of running into a pillar is stopped by guards. The Grand Empress shouts for the guards to take Peng Peng away to ‘his’ home to recuperate and to send a doctor to ‘him’.

Sheng watches Peng Peng get carried away (who’s still crying out for the GE to let ‘him’ die) and tells his servants (I don’t know if they are eunuchs, but they look like important servants… idk) that the princess should be locked up and not allowed to leave the palace.

Sheng is leaving the palace in a “carriage” (that is not a carriage, but okay. Also, it would be quicker and less rickety if you just walked!) and he spots “9th Brother” aka Jiu Wang (Alan Yu) up ahead.

Carriage chase!! 

In the end, Jiu Wang’s carriage gets unceremoniously dropped due to a tickling/pinching incident between the servants. Sheng is nicely lowered and he shouts at his unruly servants (but he is enjoying every moment!).

Jiu Wang (who is so beautiful ♥.♥) gets up and their talk leads Sheng to bring up how Jui Wang has always been caring to his household, from his servants to his wife. Jui Wang assumes he is talking about the drowning incident (oh so Jui Wang saved Peng Peng) and clearly states that it’s not just an internal affair when saving the Crown Princess. Even so, Sheng is not impressed and tells his brother that whether it is household or the country’s business, it is all his (is this a stay away from my wife scenario? When you look like you are having an affair… really?).

Back at the palace, Peng Peng is lamenting that ‘he’ wants to die, but ‘he’ also wants to go out of the palace. As ‘he’ cannot die, Peng Peng decides to live shamelessly, which Lu Li happily agrees with.

Peng Peng sends Lu Li away, but tells her to get ‘him’ a hot water bottle for ‘his’ stomach. After checking the seat under ‘him’ and screaming, we see Peng Peng doing a handstand up against the wall. Of course when Lu Li comes in she is shocked and wonders whether she should call the doctor (Ha!). Peng Peng explains that what happens to girls every month is happening right now, after the analogy of a ‘visiting aunt’ goes over her head.

In an open courtyard room, Peng Peng is now happy and giggles with Lu Li about being a girl. It seems that ‘he’ is coming to terms with the fact that ‘he’ is now a woman, but a gross soup (to relieve period pain I think) shatters that as ‘he’ shouts at Lu Li to get ‘him’ something for a man instead.

Changing the topic, Peng Peng tells Lu Li to bring the other wives of the Crown Prince (wait… is this translated right? Does Sheng have many wives? or are they concubines?) to ‘him’. Lu Li is surprised, but Peng Peng assures her that they need to make relations better.

Lu Li gets ‘him’ a book of their portraits and briefly introduces each one to ‘him’.

The first wife we meet is Chen Liang Di who is known for her purity and good legs. Peng Peng’s interaction with her consists her Liang Di refusing to play with ‘him’ anymore as ‘he’s’ tickling her legs too much!

The second wife we meet is Huang Liang Yuan who is known for the fullness of her body, but most notably for her breasts. Peng Peng provides a petal bath for the pair, but the scene seems to much for ‘him’ as he runs off!

Peng Peng then gather all the wives for a chat about, you guessed it, periods!

Two of the wives give stories about their first period, however, Peng Peng gets to the main point ‘he’ wanted to discuss, and that is whether it is always this painful! Peng Peng is shocked to hear that it’s even more uncomfortable for them, than ‘him’. Due of ‘his’ status as Crown Princess, Peng Peng gets a better quality “tampon”. ‘Peng Peng is then shown several different styles (and ‘he’ seems way too happy… ha!). 

It’s been a long day and Peng Peng is musing over what ‘he’ has learnt with Lu Li. Doctor Song has come to check ‘him’ over and Peng Peng uses this time to list ‘his’ current ailments. Before Dr. Song can give a final conclusion, Peng Peng rushes to the bathroom because of diarrhea (lovely~).

We are then forced to sit through several minutes of gross sound effects and a peculiar green haze… Lu Li comes in to get Peng Peng to see Sheng off (who is heading out to an army base), but is called insensitive and leaves (only to be sick outside).

It’s a new day and Peng Peng and Lu Li are dressed, stylishly, in men’s clothing. While they are walking outside, Peng Peng sends Lu Li away, who is shocked at the decision. Peng Peng explains that ‘he’ didn’t do so earlier because she looked too happy (that’s kind of sweet). ‘He’ tells her that she is too girly and she would ruin ‘his’ plans. Before Lu Li can argue further, Peng Peng runs off, leaving Lu Li wondering if Peng Peng has really turned into a man! (Running faster than you does not equate to man!). 

Additional Comments:

This was an interesting episode, both because it was it’s usual hilarious and bizarre self, but also because linked within this was some intriguing components.

  1. There is obviously something going on between the Crown Prince Sheng and Ying Yue. I mean he went to pick her up, and looked lost when it was her husband who got to her first.
  2. 9th brother aka Jiu Wang seems to have a thing with or wants to have a thing with Peng Peng. And for some reason this irks Sheng, which to be honest if he is having an affair then he has no right to talk, in my opinion.
  3. Also, why didn’t Peng Peng interact with the other wives? What kind of person was she before Zhang Peng took over her body?

This episode was rather ridiculous, especially the scenes with Zhang Peng Peng and the other women… I mean ‘he’ stroked that woman’s thigh for a good few minutes and kept checking out another woman’s breasts… It was very embarrassing to watch in a shared study hub… ^//^ haha~

And most of the episode revolved around Zhang Peng Peng getting ‘his’ period! Although I will say that in some ways it’s quite interesting that ‘he’ wants to learn and seems genuinely interested in the other women’s experiences. And I think it is a good topic to discuss in a drama as it’s a “taboo” topic in most mainstream media which sucks, because we girls go through it every month!

At the end we see Zhang Peng Peng in men’s clothing (along with the adorable Lu Li) and I’m kind of anxious to see what mischief she has planned! On this note, I’m also a little put off by the ends as they are quite abrupt and randomly stop, but as time goes on and there are more shocking/cliffhanger moments to end on it will get better.

The sound effects and music are okay, sometimes I feel that the sound effects make me nauseous *cough*toilet scene *cough but I think they work well with the slapstick comedy this drama has going on. And of course, the outfits and colours have been very beautiful ♥

Thank you for reading~


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