14.03.16 – 20.03.16 “I Hate Being Ill *sulks*”

Picture25 editedLast week, I managed to get 2 posts done, and I planned to get Go Princess Go ep 2 recap done this morning, however, I really do not feel well ;-;

And when I am not well, the little motivation and time management that I have goes completely out the window!

So, what I put in this post is what I want to do, and not necessarily what I will do (but isn’t that what it’s always like?!… maybe… haha ^^”).

My Plans For The Week:


We Broke Up Episode 8 Recap

(I’m kind of scared to watch this one as I don’t want HyunWoo to be upset, and I don’t want him to become an annoying jealous second lead… the struggle is real okay haha ^^”)


Songs I’m Loving – WEEK TWO


Go Princess Go! Episode 2 Recap

(I’ve watched this episode and it was pretty hilarious in the ‘wth am I watching’ kind of way haha :p Crystal Zhang is really impressing me with her acting and there is a lot of intrigue and ridiculousness occuring which I’m enjoying~ Also, Lu Li is adorable :3 I can’t even!).

Thank you for reading~


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