01.03.16 -06.03.16 “Returning to BlogLand!”

Picture25 editedHello!! And I hope March is treating you well~ I can’t believe we are already in March, wasn’t it New Years just a few days ago?! Haha~

I had a tiny hiatus and I am back and raring to go, however, I will be making more reasonable to-do lists because of university and my sanity ^^

My Plans For This Week Are:


  • We Broke Up Episode 6 Recap


  • Go Princess Go! Episode 1 Recap

I may also throw in a MV/Song Review aka the BABY BABY by WINNER as it has been on the past couple of these posts and it’s weighing on my conscience haha ^^”

I hope you have a good week and thank you for reading~

2 thoughts on “01.03.16 -06.03.16 “Returning to BlogLand!”

  1. It can’t be March already! Haha. Welcome back ๐Ÿ™‚ I was planning to watch Go Princess Go, but apparently it’s not available in my region on the Viki fan channel. So sad.

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