23.02.16 – 28.02.16 “Hides In Corner”…

Last week was not a good one, both emotionally or studying-wise. Normally this means I use this blog and dramas to hide from all my problems, however, even that didn’t help and I wasn’t able to complete anything…

And that may be the case for this week as well. Due to having two essay deadlines, an exam and a presentation to prepare for, my life and stress levels are high! This means I won’t be planning anything for this week…


This will be me this term!

However, next week I am planning to get back on a schedule, both with this blog and my studying!

I’m just going to give a little rundown of what is happening here, drama-wise~

Currently, I am working through We Broke Up and I’m not sure how I feel about it… I have second lead syndrome and ugh it’s such a horrible feeling because I feel the impending doom approaching… *cries*

I have stopped recapping Scholar Who Walks The Night (and I Remember You and The Girl Who Sees Smells – I’m such a failure haha ^^”) because right now, I’m not in the right frame of mind to watch these. I have seen a few spoilers and of course I have a feel for those dramas and I cry quite easily and I don’t have a computer of my own… so I don’t want to be crying in the study hub! hahaha Oh and Puck! will be recapped at some point, but I need to focus on something more lighthearted at the moment 🙂


Me trying to forget how behind I am by staring into the distance! haha

Because I might as well be behind on more recaps and just throw different show recaps out sporadically, I am going to be starting to recap Go Princess Go soon! I have watched the first episode and I am definitely curious, but at the same time, I am wary at how jumpy and choppy the scenes are. I have seen a lot of good things about this, so I am definitely going to give it my time ^^

I did plan to watch Bromance, after I have finished We Broke Up, however, I feel that to help with my Japanese studies, I need to keep a Japanese drama in the loop. Therefore I am going to recap (in the near future) Last Cinderella. I have watched the first two episodes already and I’m kind of in love haha! The main female lead is hilarious!

This was a long ramble, which highlights how unorganised I am, but I hope you can understand the trials of being a university student!

I hope you have a great week and I will be back posting recaps next week ♥


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