01.02.16 -07.02.16 “February Has Arrived!”

Picture25 editedLast week I didn’t achieve what I really wanted to, however, I did have something for each of the days. This week, I am going to try really hard and sort out my life (haha ^^”) and use my time wisely and efficiently!

I can do this! Hwaiting! Kanbate!

My plans for this week are a little bit unrealistic… but I will try my best!

These are my plans:


WINNER – 좋더라(I’M YOUNG) MV/Song Review




This will either be My Little Lover Episode 9 Recap or We Broke Up Episode 5 Recap


If I manage to do MLL Ep 9 on Saturday, this could possibly be the day I upload My Little Lover Episode 10 Recap. If not it will be MLL Ep 9~ (I hope this makes sense…)

I also want to do a review of WINNER’s ‘BABY BABY’, but that can wait til next week, sorry if you are not a fan of WINNER, but I’m so happy that they are finally having a comeback ♥

Thank you for reading~


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