18.01.16 -24.01.16 “Viki wasn’t working *cries*

Picture25 editedI hate technology. Yet I can’t live without it. I had planned that when I got back to uni I would use the weekend to get through the two recaps I had planned… but the computers wouldn’t properly show the Viki website… I was not pleased! But I have finally got onto a computer and seen that it is working perfectly fine now ^^

So, a little recap of last week = I did one MV/Song Review~… I’m so skilled haha :p

My Plans For The Week:


Teen Top – Warning Sign MV/Song Review~


We Broke Up – Episode 3 (or 4 – it depends how I sort out and divide my university work during the week). 


My Little Lover – Episode 7 (or 8 – again depending on how good of a student I am this week haha ^^”)

I hope everyone is having a good January and thank you for reading~


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