1. BAP “One Shot” MV/Song Review!

I am finally onto no 1 on Soompi’s List of ‘Best Story-Based Kpop MV’s’ and while I don’t agree with all of them, I have found a few gems. Also, the fact that BAP are not only on the list, but first makes me super happy! This group deserves so much love!! ♥


This MV is more like a little 6 min film! JongUp gets hit with a baseball bat and has a usb throw at him. At the members hangout spot, they watch what is on there: it’s basically a ransom video. They have a member of the BAP gang, YoungJae, and they want $10 million in exchange for him.

Being the tight group they are, the BAP gang get right on it and we see them working out how to rob a cash-in-transit van. They  succeed and meet the gang in a deserted underground (aka subway) platform. The money is handed over and YoungJae starts to walk over, however, the rival gang shout him in the back! Chaos ensues as shots are fired left, right and centre until pretty much everyone has been shot!

However, Matoki (BAP’s Bunny Mascot) comes close into frame and the trade scene becomes something very different! YoungJae walks over to YongGuk, but then a squat team runs onto the platform, blocking both gangs in. One squat member walks over to YoungJae and salutes and hands him his badge. YoungJae is an undercover police officer! We then see a scene where YoungJae was hiding a listening device or bug of some kind.

SungJae then walks out, looking rough but smiling.

screenshot_2016-01-13-14-29-40.pngOh and I have no idea what the beginning was about. When they were on the boat having a fun time… was that TS Entertainment’s way of pretending everything was okay and they were treating these pumpkins right (when they weren’t)?

Having ‘One Shot’ and the sheer determination of the BAP members (I can’t really say men here as Zelo was 16/17 in 2013!) I’m going with this song is all about not giving up, even if the situation is hard. I think the one shot is maybe about taking the ‘one shot’ that you have… and it’s a good way of  making the need to fight back more needed because you only have 1 try. Oh and it links to the amount of shots fired in this video haha :p

I looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and the gist is basically ‘do it!’ Fight against the people who are trying to get you down, even if that person is you and your own laziness etc. I think this song it all about becoming the person you want to be in a world where that is not always easy.

“One shot!
Are you going to be a victim?
Are you going to get lost, looking for an easy way out?
Only one shot!
Turn your face
To the rough world and clash and fight”



I could start by saying how amazing the cinematography is for most of this mv, but Himchan. Everyone else has this kind of tough, casual look going on and even when they don’t, there is still an element of ‘street’ in there. But Himchan looked super classy or stylish. I feel like he was told, we need to be ‘tough, street, intimidating and cool’ and just heard cool and thought my sparkly collar it is then haha ♥

Anyway, the cinematography was great for the most part. I felt that sometimes we were shown close-ups of random things that didn’t need to be there, but for the most-part I enjoyed watching this MV. I feel that it’s similar to MBLAQ’s ‘This is War’ in that the story is so important and that is what keeps you glued to the screen and both have a great twist at the end. I think it’s amazing that stories can be so short but still have a great impact.

Like MBLAQ’s ‘This is War’ I wasn’t that sold on the dance sets… or the some of the outfits… so much leather at times haha

I did think that the colour scheme was great, especially in the underground, it was very muted and blue/grey and I think it goes well with the scene because it contrasts to a lot of the other parts of the MV and also gives the impression that something is going to happen which will sadden you, and I mean seeing my small children getting shot to pieces was just that!


This song had some amazing vocals. For me, the stand out was YongGuk, I mean this song with it’s toughness and mixed with his deep was perfection. And also Himchan has a great depth to his voice, not as extreme, but it still works super well with BAP’s sound.

Of course, my fave voice in BAP is DaeHyun and his parts were great as well.

I’m always so bad at this section *cries*… I just like all their voices okay?!


There were so many great moves! From the hip thrust on the floor, the cool push up bit an the arm shooting movement, Zelo’s impossible looking move where he moved across the floor and coming up like Infinite’s scorpion dance (I can’t explain well, so I’m just saying this move is similar ^^).

I also loved near the end where they were about to go to the underground platform and on one of the dance sets, the members and other dancers fall to the ground in a circle around YoungJae (who is standing) and he sings. I just thought this was really thought out well as this is sort of YoungJae’s ‘moment’.

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 4/5☆
  • Video Production: 4/5☆
  • Vocals: 4.5/5☆
  • Dance: 5/5 ☆
  • Overall Package: 8.75/10☆

These two stages, the second one if One Shot are great! They are great performers ^^

Thank you for reading~



5 thoughts on “1. BAP “One Shot” MV/Song Review!

  1. I think the boat scene at the start is meant to be them celebrating since they’re meant to be bad already (if you watch any of the making of the M/V videos, the members say as much).

    This is one of my favourite songs, and I also really love the story in the MV!

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    • Ah, thank you so much for pointing that out! I watched it and they do explain it like that 🙂 I’m always really happy when people praise and like BAP, so yay!! I agree the story is great in this mv, very drama/film like.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh wow! That’s amazing! I really like Badman (Daehyun’s opening part gives me chills every time!) ♥ Actually I really enjoy all the songs on that album! And With You is pretty nice~ I’m also enjoying their new stuff at the moment~ How about you? ^^

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm Badman is probably their only song that I’m a bit iffy about haha. I like a lot in the song (especially Daehyun’s parts, his voice is amazing!), but I think I just don’t like how it’s all come together haha. Apart from that though, I pretty much love all of their stuff. I really like their new music too 🙂

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