SHINee “DXDXD” MV/Song Review!

It’s Wednesday and it’s time to justify staring at SHINee, especially Onew♥ (Oh my gosh, Jinki looked so good in this video, they all did, but my dubu leader killed it! Can you tell who my bias is??… :p Who is yours? ^^).

I also may have gone screenshot crazy and I may have gushed a lot within this post…


screenshot_2015-12-30-16-26-25.pngTo be honest there isn’t really a story. It is more of a SM box dance video. However, there were some aspects of story… they may not have been relevant to the song but they looked cool. This story aspect came in the form of ‘light/good’ and ‘dark/bad’ versions of the members and then the penultimate group dance off between the different groups!

From the English in this song, what I got from it, was that it is a general feel good song from SHINee that is about how a person makes them want to dance and have fun.

I found a unofficial post of the lyrics (which you can see here) and the twitter user @keihissi who wrote them, kindly let me use the link. When they update with the correct lyrics (as there may be mistakes) I will update the link. But you can get the general gist of what is happening from the lyrics they have provided 🙂

Basically I was mostly right. This song is about wanting the person you like to let go with you and dance and have fun! (Well, that’s what I think~).


I really enjoyed this music video, but to be honest, as a shawol, I would probably be fine with just them sat in a room for 3 minutes… *sigh* I lead a sad life haha ^^”

I thought that the lighting was done really well and allowed the video to keep this ‘cool’ and ‘edgier’ feel to it. I also thought the different lighting’s complimented each other. I didn’t find the changes or the deep red lighting to cause any jarring in the video.

I also really enjoyed the hologram effect they used, it was cool how the hologram was the ‘tough’ version of themselves. I loved that Jinki was smiling and his hologram was so serious!

The outfits were very stylish, but also very SHINee! I mean so much denim for Taemin… and Key. Those boys and their interesting styles! I do really enjoy seeing what they put these men in though.

Especially as they drss Minho so well! He looks so good in form fitting clothing ♥ As does JongHyun!

screenshot_2015-12-30-16-24-53.pngAs well as this I really loved the casual wear they wore, especially Jinki. I think it suited him so well and sometimes he doesn’t get the greatest outfit choices, but I think this was great and made him look young and fresh! And dark haired Jinki gives me life.

Talking of hair colour… Taemin and that bubblegum pink hair ♥.♥


For me, all the members of SHINee have strong vocals and they each bring something to the table for the group.

screenshot_2015-12-30-16-21-21.pngFor this song, I felt that it had a ‘Why So Serious?’ vibe, especially Taemin and Minho’s parts. As well as the music and beat that went with it. I thought this was a great sound when WSS? came out, so I really like that there are similarities. I also thought that sound really highlights and compliments a lot of the members, especially those I’ve just mentioned.

JongHyun and Jinki have great vocals and they were utilised well.

Key has a strong voice, but it’s not as strong as the other members (in my opinion) but he as this great sound to his voice that can really make some parts sound more interesting.


The part at the beginning, where the moves were rather robotic and very synchronised reminded me of Everybody (I get a feeling that this song is like a homage to previous comebacks, it probably isn’t and it’s just me looking too deep! haha ^^”). 

screenshot_2015-12-30-16-27-01.pngMy favourite part of the choreography was probably when they sang the chorus of ‘Dance, Dance, Dance’. They were doing the same moves, but there was a fun and individuality about how each member was dancing it. I also love that they look like they are enjoying it! Especially Jinki, he was practically smiling for most of this video! (My heart is happy~). 

screenshot_2015-12-30-16-30-51.pngI don’t think it should be legal for Taemin to look like that, to do those body rolls and make those sounds! He may be 2 years older than me but still haha :p (I would comment on Jinki making those same kinds of noises in these songs, but I recall a song on the Lucifer album where he pretty much makes that noise throughout! haha). 

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 3/5☆
  • Video Production: 3.75/5☆
  • Vocals: 5/5☆
  • Dance: 4.5/5 ☆
  • Overall Package: 8/10☆


Thank you for reading~



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