Lee Moonsae and Roy Kim “This Christmas” (Feat. Hanhae) MV/Song Review!

Hello!! And Merry Christmas! ♥ I hope you are having or had a good Christmas (darn those time zones :p). And for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, I hope you all had a lovely day~

I picked this song because I saw Roy Kim was featured. That is the only reason, I don’t know the other people featured on this song, ngl. His voice is so heavenly and I hope this is a cute Christmas song!


The video is basically like being on a car journey all the way through. A cute robot is on the dashboard, surrounded by some cute little Christmasy things.

From what I can gather, from what is going on and the English of the song. I would say that this “robot” on the dashboard is symbolic for whoever is driving the car and they are headed to the house with the little robot, which symbolises who they want to see. Therefore, that is why they are together at the end.

The person driving has realised that they love someone and they “love them like this Christmas”.

I looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and they haven’t realised they are in love, like I thought. It’s more that they are in love and they are expressing how much they are and how good it feels to love that person. Christmas is a very special day to them because they can spend it with the person they love, who has changed their life.


This song made me a little carsick and it wasn’t the most interesting. But, I will say there was some very cute effects and the little robot was cute.

Also, the lighting and set-up of shots was also very good generally on the whole.


screenshot_2015-12-25-11-19-18.pngI’ll start with Lee MoonSae, I don’t know who this is, but I was pleased with how they sounded. His voice was warm and comforting and the flow was very smooth and enjoyable to listen to.

Next up we had HanHae, who I think is a member of Phantom (according to Google…). He is a rapper and I’m not sure I enjoyed his inclusion into the song… I find it strange to have rap in a Christmas song… But saying that, vocally he was good, I didn’t mind it, but it did feel a little out of place for me.

screenshot_2015-12-25-11-20-48.pngAnd now, the reason I am here: Roy Kim. Who wasn’t really in this song much, but his vocals worked very well with Lee MoonSae’s. I think that if it had just been Roy Kim and Lee MoonSae, I would have enjoyed the song better.

The little bit of talking at the end was cute, but I think it would have worked better if they were actually in the video. I thought it was a little strange.

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 2/5☆
  • Video Production: 3/5☆
  • Vocals: 3/5☆
  • Overall Package: 4/10☆

Thank you for reading~



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