14.12.15 – 20.12.15 “Blog Goals Were Achieved!”

Picture25 editedLast week I actually did the things I said I would AND on the days! I am super proud of myself, especially because of how anxious I have been lately. To be honest, this blog is a great form of procrastination and healing time ^^

I hope this week will be just as good!

My plans for the week:


No. 4 on the Soompi list which is ‘Haru Haru’ by Big Bang (I’m going to need to get my tissues ready while re-watching that one!)


Taking a break from Soompi’s list, I thought I would try and get myself into the festive christmas season and use this Friday and next Wednesday to review a Christmas mv. This Friday’s will be ‘Dear Santa’ by TaeTiSeo.


I Order You Episode 11 Recap


My Little Lover Episode 3 Recap

I’m going to try really hard to get these done, but the last two may be a bit of trouble as I have two exams tomorrow (*cries forever* ^^”) and then I have a few days on Campus (depending on how I feel after those exams…) and then I am going home for the Christmas holidays.

But I really want to keep to schedule and I will try my best!

Thank you to everyone who has read any of my posts, liked them and even commented. It means a lot ^^ ♥

Thank you for reading~



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