My Little Lover Episode 2 Recap~

*Minami Kun No Koibito – ‘Living Together’*

Sunday has arrived and here is the recap for My Little Lover Episode 2 ♥

This episode went by so quickly! There were a lot of funny moments in this episode and I must say, weirdly, Shunichi is the funniest character at times.

This is becoming a real little treasure of a drama and I hope it continues to entertain me as much as has done so far~

We spend a few minutes watching a recap of episode 1 and seeing her wake up in the morning as the ‘one-inch princess’. However, her luck seems to be getting a bit worse as a dog walks past the cave and she catches the animals attention.

Thankfully for Chiyomi the dog is pulled away from the cave by it’s owner.

While Chiyomi is wondering what she should do, we see her parents telling the policeman, Sakaizawa (did her dad use chan?!) , to find her. He says he will keep it a secret and look for her.

In the next scene we see Shunichi’s mother (having been told by Sakaizawa lol) telling Shunichi that Chiyomi has disappeared and hasn’t been home since last night. Shunichi remembers what he said to her and hurries out for a “run”.

approaching the cave of memoriesOf course, his “run” takes his guilty feeling behind to the park where Sakaizawa saw her headed (he went straight to the cave! aww okay that’s pretty cute and he remembers giving her the flower crown! ♥). He notices her pink hoodie and becomes noticeably stressed. Shunichi shouts her name (no suffixes people!).

A shout of ‘Minami-Kun’ comes out of nowhere and Shunichi struggles to discern from where it’s coming from (he looks genuinely confused bless him). she's so tiny!!!!After several more shouts and some frantic tiny arm waving, Shunichi finally sees Chiyomi (and now he is even more confused! And he pinched his cheek to check he was awake ha!).

Suddenly, Chiyomi faints and Shunichi quickly catches her. He brings her closer to him and looks at her with confusion, worry and a little bit of wonder.

While coming out of the newsagents, Shunichi bumps into Sakaizawa, who regardless of him not wanting rumours to spread, is doing a good deal of spreading rumours. One of his thoughts, which shocks both Shunichi and Chiyomi (almost getting them caught), is that she eloped with her boyfriend.

The pair watch Sakaizawa leave on his bicycle and Chiyomi looks upset as she hugs Shunichi’s hoodie pocket.

Later on, several people are gathered in Chiyomi’s parents flower shop. They are talking about certain rumours flying round and Sakaizawa chastises them for have loose-lips and causing a ruckus. Of course Chiyomi’s parents are not pleased and blame him for the gossip.

Shunichi, who has been eavesdropping on the scene, tells Chiyomi they should tells them about what has happened. He goes to step into the shop, but Chiyomi shouts at him to stop, saying she can’t go back (as in to her parents and the others) like this (as in super tiny).

Thus, Shunichi finds himself with a tiny house guest. He tells Chiyomi not to touch his stuff and not let his mother or grandmother see her. Chiyomi then starts to dance again and act cute, but in a way that is supposed to indicate that she need the bathroom. Shunichi finally understands and vaguely tells her he doesn’t need that plant anymore, as its dead anyways (why could she not have just used the toilet? or the sink? A plant pot?! What about toilet roll?? What about dignity?).

Shunichi is then called away by mother, which leaves Chiyomi happily to do her business.

It’s school time, and Ami and Riku ask their homeroom teacher, Ono Sensei (which happens to be one of my Japanese teachers names at the moment as well!) about Chiyomi. She realises they are worried, but calmly says that they have no need to be. However, what they were told, about Chiyomi having a “cold” is now known to be a lie as another teacher comes charging down the corridor, saying he’s heard Chiyomi has gone missing.

now this is face i need to see him make more oftenMeanwhile, Chiyomi notes that while Shunichi is perfect at school, he cannot organise his room well. She wonders round and notes that he still plays with a Kendama. She pokes it and it falls over, however, her nonchalance is overwhelming. Suddenly Chiyomi spots some leftover cake on Shunichi’s desk and the glory of her imagination occurs and we see a rather enthusiastic Shunichi take a bite (but this is pretty much how I eat cake all the time haha ^^”).erm maybe not

Chiyomi goes to take a bite, but she thinks otherwise as she doesn’t know how long it’s been there! Instead she turns to admire his organised notes. Chiyomi also notices the photo-album on the table, but before she can think more on that, she rushes to hide as Grandma is on the loose and she’s bringing a hoover with her!

it's coldChiyomi hides behind a stationary holder and giggles at the fact that Shunichi’s grandma tidies his room, but also that the grandma sneaks a bit of the cake for herself. Chiyomi hops onto the windowsill to hide, but before leaving the room, grandma closes the window leaving her out in the cold (why didn’t she just stay where she was?! She was hidden…).

It’s lunchtime and Ami and Riku are worrying about Chiyomi. It looks like Shunichi’s thoughts are also on her, however, these are interrupted when Nomura asks if she can eat lunch with him. She sits herself down and looks very pleased with herself (that weird sax music in the background is so weird right now… haha).

Suddenly, another student rushes into the classroom and happily announces that he and Shunichi should eat lunch together. He sits down, saying that he isn’t in his own classroom because he didn’t want Shunichi to be eating alone. The boy looks up and literally screams and jumps to his feet at seeing Nomura (hahaha his face!).

After he has calmed down, he sits down again. Talk turns to the Kendo club, which Shunichi has no plans to return to. Then leading from this, the boy brings up Chiyomi’s disappearance. Nomura, it seems, has a lot to say on this topic and wonder what someone who ‘acts’ so pure could be up to. Ami overhears and has to be restrained by Riku from going over and stabbing her with a chopstick.

Suddenly, Shunichi jumps up from his chair and with a very confused look on his face, asks if it is possible for someone to suddenly become very small. No one knows what he is talking about, and soon Shunichi comes back to his senses. He fumbles while trying to pack up his lunch and tells Nomura to tell sensei that he has gone home early, he isn’t “feeling well”.
Once home, Shunichi rushes to his room and panics a little when he discovers that his grandma has cleaned his room. However, he manages to hear Chiyomi’s cries for help (how, I news timehave no idea, but she is an inch tall, so that kind of logic will have to go out the window, right?).

Chiyomi is very grateful, but is shocked to hear that there is talk of her disappearance at school. However, Chiyomi has more shocking news to tell. She has heard (or seen) that a search party has been formed. She reminds him that they left her clothes in the cave and she is stressed (rightly so!) that they will think she was abducted, raped and then murdered.

While the party search the park, Shunichi hurries to the cave and quickly shoves her clothes into his backpack. However, he grumbles that he can’t believe he is doing this when he discovers her bra (is he just going to keep a+ acting shunichi......her clothes in his room? What if grandma finds the bra?).

Outside his home, Shunichi is caught by Sakaizawa who wonders why he isn’t at school and Shunichi relates the fact that he has a stomach ache. Sakaizawa asks if he went shopping, referring to Shunichi’s backpack. And not to draw any suspicions to himself, Shunichi grabs his back to his stomach, says it’s stomach medicine, excuses himself and runs into his house… (this boy is supposed to be really smart right?)

i don't know what to sayIn his room, Shunichi demands to know why Chiyomi isn’t going home and she explains (sort of, it has something to do with her mother not listening to her about the one-inch princess when she was little) that it’s her parents that are stopping her from going back. Shunichi doesn’t really understand and more than that he doesn’t understand why he should be the one looking after her.

Shunichi gets his phone out and tells her to at least phone them (while withholding the number) that she is okay. However, Chiyomi stops herself from dialing because she doesn’t know what to say. Shunichi, now just plain annoyed, leaves the room.

Later that evening, while Chiyomi is eating, more bad news comes as some things of Chiyomi’s were found in the park. Those things, turn out to the soy sauce her mother had her get. Ami and Riku, who were worried, went to the park and found them.

A member of the convened search party thinks that maybe Chiyomi has been abducted, which gets a negative response from the group. However, Sakaizawa chimes in and says he thinks the same. Sakaizawa thinks that there is someone suspicious in the group and as he points around,
Shunichi, once again, begins to act the most suspicious! Thankfully, for him, Sakaizawa has his eyes set on someone else: Riku. Of course, his thoughts are dismissed as the reason Riku knew Chiyomi went missing yesterday was because Chiyomi’s mother called Ami and then Ami called Riku.

Riku then admits that he likes Chiyomi (a statement which shocks Shunichi) and that was why he was so worried about her. Sakaizawa then jumps to the conclusion that Chiyomi rejected him and that is why she is missing. Of course Riku strongly denies that, but before he can really defend himself Chiyomi’s dad dives for him and grabs him by the collar.

While this ruckus is occurring, the phone begins to ring. One of the other members of the search party picks it up and once it’s established that the caller is Chiyomi, her parents grab the phone. Chiyomi explains that she in Tokyo, for the dance workshop. Her parents go from not being mad to calling her an idiot. Without explaining anything else, Chiyomi hangs up.

Everyone is relieved that they know Chiyomi is safe (relatively) as they leave Chiyomi’s parent’s shop.

Shunichi isn’t happy with her tale about being in Tokyo. Chiyomi explains that she wants to go home, but when she is normal sized. She pleads Shunichi to let her stay by his side. He doesn’t look pleased, but seeing as the next scene is Chiyomi relaxing in a makeshift bath, I would say he agreed.

While she is bathing, she gets Shunichi to pass her some soap, however, he must not peek! Not peeking is something she doesn’t seem to mind to do though, as after coming out, in a little makeshift towel, she watches Shunichi undress. Unfortunately for her, he notices and doesn’t reveal all :p

look at that cute little bed he madeChiyomi is super happy at being given a comfy makeshift bed to sleep in (even though Shunichi acts like he really doesn’t care and she is getting on his nerves, he is so indirectly sweet to her!). She tries to thank him, but he just tells her to go to sleep.

While he is at his desk, Chiyomi muses that it’s the first time she has been to his room, and he says it’s the first time a girl has been there. This pleases Chiyomi (as she no doubt feels special) however, her thoughts turn to Shunichi on that rainy day and how it looked as if Nomura kissed his cheek.

Chiyomi gets up the courage to ask if they are dating, which makes him i  know you can see methink back to her hinted proposition. Shunichi evades the topic by saying he has things to do and promptly starts studying. Chiyomi is saddened, but we soon see her having made her way up onto a piece of furniture right next to his desk (this girl has amazing climbing skills! She’s wobbly at times, but still ^^).

Shunichi notices her, but pretends not to have. Chiyomi plonks herself down on his desk and just watches him work. Later on Shunichi looks over and she has fallen asleep. He tries to wake her, and then tries to distract himself with his work, but once again looks at her (is he being shy? So cute). 

At some point later, Chiyomi wakes up and we see that Shunichi, this time, has fallen asleep. Chiyomi notes that he has long eyelashes and then smiles.

Soon after Chiyomi falls back to sleep on the desk as well.

Additional Comments:

I feel that these episodes go by so quickly! I wish they were an hour long!

Which shows how much I am enjoying it, as I am willing to spend even more time recapping the drama haha ^^”

Character-wise I think that there has been little development so far. But this being episode 2 I don’t really mind that. Instead we are getting a sense of how the characters are now.

  • Chiyomi is a young girl who is in love with Shunichi, but I like that this isn’t her only defining feature. She is a little reckless, but it seems that when she has her mind set on something she is willing to take the path, no matter how hard, to achieve it. Chiyomi also has a cute likable-ness to her, but that may also have a lot to do with how tiny she is… haha ^^”
  • Shunichi was a surprise to me. I thought he was just going to be this smart, cool, cold guy and although he has shown that he can be cold to Chiyomi, he is already doing a lot to help her and things which are not even asked of him. I mean he made her a cute little bed! :3 Shunichi moans a lot, and this rather dampens his ‘cool’ aura, not to mention that his acting is terrible. This adds quite a nice quality to his character and it makes me want to see more of the person he is hiding inside.

The secondary characters are also interesting to watch, especially the families because of how different they are. Shunichi’s family is more reserved, while Chiyomi’s family are pretty much just plain crazy (but in a good way, sort of haha :p) .

I’m not sure where they are going with the Riku love storyline, especially as Chiyomi is small… so I wonder how much that will come to play in the future when she gets back to her normal size. But we did see a bit of shock on Shunichi’s face when Riku revealed he liked Chiyomi, so the triangle is in play just a little bit.

sleeping desk buddies

I can’t wait to see what happens next ♥

Thank you for reading~



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  1. I thought this episode was cute. And Shunichi turned out to be a lot more humorous than I anticipated! I too thought he’d maintain more of the cool, cold vibe. But some of his reactions to the situation and the faces he made were hilarious. I was pleasantly surprised 🙂

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