My Little Lover Episode 1 Recap~

Secret Revealed!

*Minami Kun No Koibito Episode 1*

I saw this being promoted on the Viki homepage and seeing as I am learning Japanese I thought it would be a great thing to watch a Japanese drama! So here I am!

Hopefully every Sunday from now until this drama has ended will feature an episode recap ♥

I hope this drama is  cute and enjoyable~ That’s the mood I’m in haha ^^”

Horikiri Chiyomi and Minami Shunichi are young children at the start of this drama. They are being read a story about a 1-inch boy who is brave as he ventures to Kyoto. Horikiri wants to meet the tiny boy, and is very excited to hear that there is a myth of a 1-inch princess as well.

The two children then search the fields calling out to her and asking where
she is (this is too cute!). While searching, Chiyomi falls into a shallow part of water and is shocked to see the 1-inch look at these little cuties!princess waving to her from a shoe that is floating in the water.

Shunichi comes to see if she is alright, but doesn’t see the 1-inch princess. The two sit in the opening of a cave and discuss where she must be going. The two then tell each other that they love each other. Shunichi gives Chiyomi a flower-crown gift and say they should stay together forever. They pinky-promise that this will happen (dies from cuteness overload!).


Chiyomi (Yamamoto Maika) awakes from her dream and isn’t too overjoyed at having those memories surface again. She is surprised to see that it is morning, but her dreams allow her to fuel (I suppose) her online novel. While she is typing we see Shunichi (Nakagawa Taishi) coming back from his morning run, he runs into his home and grabs his kendo stick (I think that is 1. the right term and 2. what it actually is…).

Chiyomi watches as he practices his moves outsides and wonders what is reality and what is fiction in her memories.

writing is technically studying... truth hahaBreakfast is being served and Chiyomi is still in her pjs. Her mother tells her that she will be late for the first day back and Chiyomi just opts for smoothie. Her family know she didn’t sleep til late and each guess what she was doing. Chiyomi’s mother than tells her she needs to get her act together now she is in 12th grade. Chiyomi cries yes and runs to get ready for school.

Asuka is told the same thing, and the mother blames the father for their children’s lazy natures.

Shunichi’s mother comes rushing out of her house and asks Chiyomi to give Shunichi, who had just walked round the bend,his lunchbox. Chiyomi takes it, very reluctantly. Meanwhile, Shunichi has realised he’d forgotten his lunch, so runs back. What happens next is the classic run into each other and accidentally kiss! (I will say this, Shunichi’s reactions are rather slow, he looked extremely dazed, bless him). Chiyomi runs off.

Chiyomi’s internal thoughts are interrupted by Ami and Riku. Chiyomi is happy that she is in the same class as them. The two girls are happy to have Riku or more importantly, his homework to copy (oh, how I know how he feels! Good times!).

Just then, Pheromone or rather Nomura-san, comes walking into the classroom. Ami hates how all the boys make heart eyes at her and we see this first hand as several boys announce they want to date her. Riku says he is different and gets glared at by Ami all the same.

Class has started and Shunichi has been voted as the male class-representative. As the voting for the female rep begins, Chiyomi is confused as to why she is getting votes. Ami is there to help and reminds he has a point but noher of several events where she has been the fighting force behind the class.

Chiyomi gains the most votes and is asked whether or not she wants to be the female class-rep. While trying to turn it down, Nomura interrupts and announces to the teacher that she wants to be the class-rep. Chiyomi says it doesn’t matter, and Shunichi chimes in to say ‘the person who wants to do it, should do it’.

And just like that, the title of the female class-representative goes to Nomura who is seems to only want it to get closer to Shunichi. While Chiyomi looks saddened at this, Riku notes her sorrow (I see a love square coming on!).

Chiyomi is part of the dance club and after a practice (she is so cute! I can’t even~) we find out that a competition is coming up.

Outside Riku is hiding behind a bush waiting for Ami and Chiyomi to come out. As they walk past him, he sneaks up behind them and nonchalantly says hey. They are surprised to see him still at school.

Talk turns to an audition for a famous dance group, but the auditions are taking place in Tokyo. Ami knows that her parents would never allow it and she also senses how much Riku hates the idea of Chiyomi living in Tokyo. Ami suddenly remembers that she has somewhere she needs to be and asks if Riku can take Chiyomi home (support!).

On the walk, Riku asks Chiyomi if she is interested in romance. Chiyomi he may look sad but i'm totally backing riku right nowsays she doesn’t believe in it, rather than she doesn’t have an interest. Riku then moves on saying that he has recently found an online novel that he likes. And once they get outside her home, he tells her he likes it, but because she is playing dumb and not owning up to being the author, his confession falls flat. He tries again (bless him :3 he is so cute) but says that he will tell her what he has to say tomorrow.

Shunichi sees the two chatting from his bedroom window and doesn’t seem too happy with how friendly they are.

Then we see Chiyomi updating her novel, while Riku reads it in his room.

The next day at school, her Sensei calls her by her online pen-name, but calms her nerves by saying she hasn’t told anyone. However, Sensei says that Chiyomi shouldn’t be worried, as she is only doing what she enjoys.

At the end of the school day, Riku gets up the courage to confess, after several moments of stumbling and going round the houses. He gives a little bunny (that he personally made *dies happy*), and she realises he knew her identity. Riku tells her not to worry about giving him an answer right then, and that if she has someone she likes he will step down, but if not he will keep his hand up (so cute~ plus I love that Ami was watching and wishing he would just hurry up and confess!).

On the way home, Chiyomi is happy and counts down things that are good about Riku, my favourite being:

“More than that, he has good taste by noticing me.”

(pahaha perfect!)

However, that happiness is short-lived. It isn’t the rain that’s the problem, she was sensible and was carrying an umbrella, unlike a certain Pheromone.

Walking on the same path as Chiyomi are Nomura and Shunichi. The pair have to share an umbrella and as they walk past Chiyomi, Shunichi and the latter lock gazes, but Chiyomi looks to the ground. Meanwhile, Nomura gets closer to Shunichi, happy at the distance between Chiyomi and Shunichi (that girl knows how to give a creepy smile though! sheesh). 

In the safety of her own bedroom, Chiyomi begins to cry. She wonders why she is doing such a thing, and thinks back to her childhood when Shunichi told her he loved her. Chiyomi admits to herself that she has liked Shunichi all this time.

this child said what!Later in the evening, Chiyomi asks for permission to go to Tokyo to audition for the dance group Solo. However, her parents are both against the plan, saying that she can do it next year or just dance in college. This doesn’t go down well with Chiyomi, who says that she has no plans to go to college. This is like a slap in the face to her parents.

Which is what Chiyomi gets when she gets angry that her parents are trying to force her to do what they want, but they themselves never listened to their parents.

Having left the house, Chiyomi encounters a local policeman, who says that the lighting is getting closer. Chiyomi gets a text from her parents, awkwardly asking her to run an errand (Ha!). Ignoring the policeman Chiyomi wanders off.

Walking home, Shunichi is thinking about the moment in the rain. He recalls Chiyomi, but we also see what happened after. Nomura knows that he wants to go to medical school, but that he has a single mother. She tells him to ask her dad about tuition, saying there is a way he could get it (is she implying he marries her for tuition?! They are what 12?! haha ^^”).

Chiyomi then comes up the path in front of him (she got the soy sauce her parents asked for!). He walks past her, but Chiyomi calls out to him. Chiyomi gets the courage up to ask Shunichi why he ignores her, but he denies that he does (I like that Chiyomi says that’s not true).

Chiyomi notes that he isn’t like that with Nomura and asks if they are dating. Shunichi says it is none of her business and her spark goes, she agrees and apologises for being abrupt. Shinuchi tells her not to show up wherever he goes (is he for real, they live next door?!).

she's being hurt by his liesThis sparks her anger a little and she tells him that she is out because she had a fight with her parents about not wanting to go to college. This only annoys Shunichi, who calls her spoilt and easy-going. Chiyomi is angry at how horrible he is being, especially as they used to be so close.

Shunichi says it’s obvious, that he doesn’t like her anymore. Chiyomi runs off and Shunichi watches her go (he is such a liar! Ugh why?!).

The rain starts again, as does the wind, which causes Chiyomi to lose her grip on her umbrella. Not wanting to lose it, she runs after it (she even shout for her umbrella to ‘wait a minute’ haha). She finally gets a hold of the umbrella and she finds herself at the cave in her childhood memories. However, the wind forces her umbrella back out of her grip and shoots off.

Meanwhile, at home, Chiyomi’s father is worried about her and decides to head out. His wife tells him it’s raining outside and he responds that’s exactly why he is going out (a worried parent! Yay!). Asuka shouts at her parents that they are being loud.

this family is dysfunctionalJust then the doorbell rings and Chiyomi’s father exclaims it is Chiyomi, but of course it isn’t (what child rings their own doorbell?). The policeman she met on the path is asking whether Chiyomi is back yet. Suddenly the mother blurts that the father hit her, saying it was domestic violence (what?!?! this couple… wow…). The policeman understands why she was crying now and tells the father not to do that or he will arrest him.

The father then tells the policeman to take him to where he saw Chiyomi headed.

In the cave, Chiyomi is getting upset that the rain won’t stop. She gets her phone out, but promptly drops in a huge puddle, and wonders why it isn’t working…

look at how cute these two little children are!!!

Shunichi is going through an old photo album filled with pictures of him and Chiyomi when they were younger (so cute!). Meanwhile, huddled up in the cave, Chiyomi thinks back to when Shunichi’s father left home. That was when he changed and started to ignore her. Her thoughts then turn to earlier that evening when Shunichi told her he didn’t like her anymore.

While she cries, Chiyomi wants to know why things changed and about how much she wants things to be how they were.

“I want to be small again.”

This cause a huge bolt of lightning to cover up the scene. Meanwhile, the noise has seemed to hit a nerve with Shunichi, who also think back to their conversation earlier that day.

It’s a lovely sunny morning and Chiyomi wakes up in the cave. However, she is surprised to find herself naked, and more-so to see that she is super tiny now! (although I would probably be freaking out not going to lie! haha). Chiyomi wonders if she had become the one-inch princess and thinks back to the time as child when she thought she saw her in a shoes.

To end the episode, Chiyomi shouts as loudly as she can ‘NO WAY!!!”

Additional Comments:

This was actually a rather cute episode. The characters seem very interesting. Chiyomi is a rather tough little thing even though she does struggle with being put down and not really having the initial confidence to say her opinion all the time.

I think there is more to Shunichi’s character, which was slightly looked upon with his father leaving and how that changed him. I think it will be interesting to see how his personality becomes known and his character develops.

As for the secondary characters, Riku is one of my favourites in this drama. He is just so adorable, handsome and I mean he made her bunny teddy! That is boyfriend material right there! So, throughout this episode I was rather in the second-lead syndrome position, but that will probably change (for my sake I hope that changes haha ^^”). And I liked that Ami was friends with Chiyomi, but she was also friends with Riku and she tries to support him with his love endeavor with Chiyomi. I wonder if they will bring something about that relationship out during the course of the drama.

Chiyomi’s family are certainly interesting. Why is it when family’s are still a complete unit in dramaland, they are pretty much all crazy?! Not that I am complaining! haha

I think the concept of this drama (which is based off a book I think? I could be wrong, but it is based off something else) is cute and I really like the idea of the one-inch princess, it reminds me of Thumbelina ♥

I feel that this episode was one to build up the emotion and to show us the main problems between our leads, so that a lot of cuteness can proceed this. Well, that’s what I’m hoping for! And the preview for episode 2 looks to be rather cute~

I’m looking forward to seeing where this drama goes!

cuteness with a rainbow

Thank you for reading~




5 thoughts on “My Little Lover Episode 1 Recap~

  1. I just watched this episode yesterday! I hadn’t heard of it and also saw it on Viki, lol. I thought it was really cute! I haven’t been successful in completing a non Korean Asian drama, so I’m hoping this will change the pattern 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Viki is a wonderful place!! That’s a great coincidence and I hope you enjoy it. I think it will turn out to be pretty cute *fingers crossed*. I hope the pattern breaks, there are some pretty good non-Korean dramas out there ^^

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I hope so too. I’ve started many Japanese and Taiwanese dramas, but not a single one has clicked with me. I guess I just prefer the style of Korean dramas. But I keep trying others in hopes of one day connecting 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will admit, there is something about Korean dramas that gets you invested! I also find they look more polished as well ^^ I highly recommend Just You, it’s a Taiwanese drama that really made me want to branch out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will definitely give Just You a try. It looks cute and you never know when something will click 🙂


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