7. MBLAQ “This is War” MV/Song Review!

It’s Friday, which now means MV/Song review time! And I’m happy to say that MBLAQ made their way onto Soompi’s list.

MBLAQ are my babies. I have many in the kpop world and they are generally all older than me, but they are still my babies! haha ^^” So doing a post about them makes me happy ♥


This is pretty complicated and I wouldn’t mind if this became a drama in of itself! I mean, we have assassins, guns, love and sadness.

Anyway, the story of the MV is that for some reason Lee Joon has the job of assassinating the girl. But instead ends up saving her and taking her home after she is shot. There, the girl is looked after by both Lee Joon and Thunder, who I assume is a friend of Joon’s.

screenshot_2015-12-04-18-38-13.pngWhile Lee Joon is out shooting stuff and being broody I guess, Thunder is left to also take care of the girl. The two start to fall in love, which Lee Joon is not happy to discover.

The two fight outside, but then Lee Joon, having had enough of fists gets out his gun. The girl immediately jumps between them. Lee Joon shoots, but his super amazing twisty turny bullet goes around the pair and ends up in his own neck.

Thunder and the woman rush to him and Lee Joon hands them tickets screenshot_2015-12-04-18-40-11.png(which I will say, I cheated and looked at the YouTube comments and apparently they are plane tickets, so Joon was going to take the woman away from harm, but he obvs can’t do that now, so he gave them to Thunder), and then dies.

So, although the video is super cool and assassiny, I’m going with the song is from Lee Joon’s perspective, maybe… that it’s about one-sided love and the emotions that go with that… or he’s angry about how his friend “stole” (I hate using this word, people aren’t possessions). And that is what the war is.

Looking at the lyrics (which you can see here) the song is more focused on the latter. That this song is sung to the ‘friend’ who took the woman’s love and therefore the singer is instigating war.


The outfits in this MV were interesting. Once you got over the initial shock of the weird leather dance outfits they were kind of cool… just haha ^^” These poor idols are made to wear some strange things.

Anyway, talking of the dance scene, I wasn’t really a fan of the actual set. It may have been the colour and how it didn’t really look good to me. I’m trying not to be too mean, but yeah I didn’t like it. They could have danced in the car junk yard and that would have looked cooler and tied in more instead of a set.

But I will say I did like the end where they were performing and they were surrounded by the classical instrumentalists I thought that was pretty (but mainly because I think those instruments were pretty haha ^^”).

I thought the MV, as in the drama side, was shot really well and it looked properly lit and interesting. I also like how Joon just casually has his guns and plans on a table in the middle of a car junk yard… like why?

Also, Lee Joon as an assassin… that’s attractive. And I can see that he put a lot of effort into this, which makes me really want to watch the dramas he has been in! (why is my dramalist so long?! *cries*)


I thought the best part of this song, vocally, was Mir, which is strange as I normally gravitate towards the vocalists. But, Mir is a great rapper and his attitude while rapping was perfect for the MV and general feel this song and MV were trying to give (in my opinion).

I can tell by listening to this song how much the members have improved since then. I mean G.O. has always been the powerhouse behind MBLAQ, and his high note at the end… woah. But I felt that Thunder, especially, was a little weaker vocally. Not to say, they or he was terrible, that’s not the case, I just felt the power they needed in their voices for this song wasn’t where it could have been.

I thought SeungHo was had some power to his voice, but it wasn’t really used much in this song.

And they have improved so much! And I love all of these idiots!


One last note, I love when classical instruments are used in music and I loved the blend between modernity and classical styles. So pretty.


The dance was interesting. When watching this MV I never expect there to be a dance, but hey, if you have the moves, flaunt them!

Plus hip thrusting to the ground is always good and I don’t mind if it’s included! haha :p

screenshot_2015-12-04-18-52-32.pngWhen Mir was rapping and they all leant back, I thought that was cool. I think it showed off a great attitude and worked well with the song.

When they danced and while a few froze, the rest continued and the cycle of that, I thought it was visually interesting and I love when their is synchronisation in dances and then this was like that, but kind of cooler! (I don’t know if any of the made sense, sorry haha ^^”)

Ooh, but my favourite part has to be when Joon shot himself, and how that was incorporated into the dance scene as well. I thought that was clever and really brought those two elements of the MV together near the end.

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 4/5☆
  • Video Production: 4/5☆
  • Vocals: 3.5/5☆
  • Dance: 3.75/5☆ 
  • Overall Package: 7.5/10☆

Thank for reading~


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