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8. HI SUHYUN “나는 달라 (I’m Different)” MV/Song Review!

Back when this subunit was announced I was over the moon and I practically jumped up and down with happiness! Mainly because of Lee Hi, not going to lie, but Suhyun (Akdong Musician) and Bobby (iKON) were a great added bonus!

I also think this is the highest overall star rating I have ever given. YG know how to make great catchy songs with great singers and performers and they certainly don’t disappoint here! ♥

I’m glad it made its way onto the Soompi list~


The story of the MV and what I assume the song is about it that these girls, Lee Hi and Suhyun see themselves as “different” and not like other girls. And that is why the male, in this case Bobby, should date one of them.

Bobby on the other hand, is supposedly innocent, but then his verse and the end of the song comes and he is more aware than he lets on. He feels that he is the different one and due to that he is able to gain the hearts of girls easily.

Looking at the lyrics (which you can see here) I feel that for the most part I am right with my interpretation.

With the story, I enjoyed that even though there was this rivalry between them to get Bobby’s attention, when they realised they had been had and he wasn’t as great as he seemed to be, they were still great friends. And then at the end when they came together and got bumper car revenge haha~


This MV is so cute! Lee Hi is adorable, she always has been since the KpopStar days ♥ And I like that she looks comfortable being playful. Suhyun is pretty much known for being adorable and her expressions are wonderful and make me smile so much! She is her brothers (ChanHyuk) sister for sure haha

The video is full of great colour mixed with quirky humour. My favourite moments were when Suhyun is daydreaming and she tries to make it reality, but fails dramatically! The colours here are so beautiful, those red leaves are stunning!

I also really liked the scene in the library. I thought it was so cute and comedic. I also really enjoyed when they were simply sat at the bus stop. As Lee Hi is my bias in this subunit and one of my favourite female biases on a whole as well, I have to admit she was so cute here! *dies*



Lee Hi’s vocals and Suhyun’s put together was a perfect idea! Suhyun has this cuteness, but definite power to her voice, whereas Lee Hi has great huskiness and flow to her voice which I love. The two sounds go great together!

With Bobby, I enjoy his voice a lot and I think it fits well into this song mainly because of Lee Hi’s vocals. If it was just Suhyun I don’t think his voice would have gone well into the song.

  1. This subunit needs to have a comeback (but please let Lee Hi have one first!)
  2. Even though Bobby is literally everywhere at the moment, I would love a reunion of the three because they look and sound great together!

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 4.5/5☆
  • Video Production: 5/5☆
  • Vocals: 5/5☆
  • Overall Package: 9.5/10☆

I also really enjoyed the performance on Inkigayo in which Bobby was also present, so I’ve put it here if you would like to see it. The dance is cute and they have such great live vocals. one of the good things about singing competition shows.


Oh, and how could I not include this scene from the MV?:

Look at Suhyun’s face!!! That right there is one of the best expressions I have ever seen hahahaha perfection!


Thank you for reading~




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