01.12.15 – 06.12.15 – “erm… anxiety and essay deadlines aren’t pals…”

Picture25 editedFirstly, I would like to say happy first day of the month!!! I feel like September only started a little while ago and time has flown so quickly, that I only have a few weeks left of this term! It’s insane!

I would also like to apologise at how I didn’t post anything last week, I am still struggling with uni and life… haha ^^” but I’m working on that very hard!

I managed throughout last week to set time each night to recap episode 5 of Scholar Who Walks The Night, but because of an essay deadline, I didn’t have time to fully complete and upload until yesterday. Which is also when I did two mv/song reviews.

Enough about last week amd yesterday (shush haha), here are my plans for this week:

Wednesday – HISUHYUN ‘I’m Different’ MV/Song Review

Friday – MBLAQ ‘This is War’ MV/Song Review

Sunday – I Order You Episode 9 Recap

I am probably going to keep this pattern up for the rest of my term at uni. I definitely plan on making time to actually get these things done and I hope you enjoy what I put out.

If you have any questions or recommendations on anything don’t be afraid to comment below.


I hope you are having a good day and thank you for reading~


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