Brown Eyed Girls “Brave New World (신세계)” MV/Song Review!

I was so excited when I found out that Brown Eyed Girls were having a comeback! They are one of my favourite girl groups because their voices are great and they tend to be powerful women rather than cute girls. I watched Brave New World first and I wasn’t super amazed by the song, but I definitely (definitely!) preferred it to Warm Hole… and because I don’t want to spend the whole time being a little uncomfortable and not positive, I chose to do this one… I will say though, this song is growing on me.


For this story, I am pretty sure there is no love… I may be wrong, it happens a lot, but this was more about the world and looking at it in different ways and wanting to be in a time where the world is better. It’s kind of a message to look after the world you are in.

Our lovely ladies, all looking stunning (although I’m not sure about Narsha’s hair, it doesn’t really suit her… but Jea *swoons* that red hair looks so good on her!) heading towards their car. And I think they travel in time… I’m pretty sure. But there isn’t really a story, more of lots of vintage type patterns and special effects.

Although, there is a theme of looking at the world differently and the eye, which is symbolic of doing just that.

I then looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and I get the impression that the person’s life has changed because of something and they want to see the whole universe and see everything in a different way etc. but the person they are with isn’t curious and that is strange to them.


This video had a lot going on. From visual effects to dances and different locations. I did like how it worked and entwined all of these things together and it wasn’t necessarily overpowering to me. I think what helped was that even though there was some brightness going on, there was also a lot of breaks from that.

There was a reference to an apple… and at first I thought GaIn was listening to an apple… like it was a ‘apple product’… but then I assumed it was more than a visual pun, especially as it appeared at the end of the video as well, just floating in the empty car. So I thought about it and because of GaIn’s rather ‘biblical’ spin on some of her songs in her solo album, I thought the apple could be connected as it could symbolise the beginning or the beginning of change. wpid-screenshot_2015-11-20-11-22-38.pngAnd change is what this video talk about, change in perspective. I’m not sure if that makes sense, what did you think about the apple?

Also, the cones, I thought they may be time travelling devices, as I said previously, but I think they may also be ‘eyes’ for looking at the world differently, especially as there was writing on them, which was the same as on the apple. So both could be a device of changing perspective.

I thought the outfits were pretty stylish and I definitely thought that GaIn’s and Narsha’s, when they danced, reminded me a lot of GaIn’s solo (which I loved so I’m not complaining).

Oh, and when GaIn was covered in glitter, was I the only one who immediately thought of GD? Anyone? haha ^^”

I quite liked the different set ups for the dances, they were all visually appealing, but I will talk about that more in the ‘Dance’ section of this review.


I really enjoy GaIn’s voice, it has a nice unique quality that I have come to appreciate more because of her solo work. Narsha’s vocals are good and I think they are a bit more powerful than usual.

I felt that Jea’s vocals were okay, but they seemed a little strained at times to me. And I felt her voice got a little lost.  And Miryo… she is one of my favourite female rappers, I mean you only have to go back to Kill Bill (which is one of my favourite songs in general!) and her rapping is on point and it’s powerful. I felt that her rap was powerful, but it lacked the rhythm and flow I’m used to.

Overall, I wasn’t overawed by the vocals in this song, but as I’m listening to it more, I’m enjoying it more, added with the techno beat that is both relaxed and upbeat.


I really enjoyed the dance scenes in this MV. We know these girls can dance and I love it when that is utilised.

I thought GaIn’s dance scenes were very GaIn. In that she was sexy and moved well. Narsha had some cute moves and I liked the light bars that surrounded her.

I was a bit upset that Jea didn’t have a solo dance, but she was pretty relevant in the group dances. I loved these, the lighting was really cool and I liked the angles and how it switched etc. And then the little “stage” in the field was kind of the same kind of dancing, plus I strangely like when groups wear matching outfits… I don’t know why. I’m all for being your own person and personal style, but I do like it (not for the whole time of course!).

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 3.75/5☆
  • Video Production: 3.75/5☆
  • Vocals: 3.75/5☆
  • Dance: 4/5☆
  • Overall Package: 6.5/10☆

What did you make of this comeback?

Here is Kill Bill, the song I mentioned above in my review. I thought I would put it here to show you why I was a little disappointed with the vocals and overall feel of Brave New World (also this is the dance version, the actual MV is definitely worth a watch because it’s very dramatic and slightly hilarious ♥):

Thank you for reading~





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