I Order You~ Top 5 Moments Of The First Half!

Episode 8 has been watched and recapped (finally!) and here we are, halfway through the series, so I thought I would list 5 moments that I have loved so far!

I hope you enjoy~

These are in order of appearance:


From “Episode 1”, we have the ‘Hallelujah Moment’. I loved that SongAh’s expressions were so wonderful and when you love food that much, you are someone I truly want to get to know haha I also liked that the effects used were so cute and even GookDae found her cute~ (even if he would never have admitted it at the time). To be honest, I love all the moments where SongAh tastes GookDae’s cooking. GaEun’s expressions are fantastic and the editing is also so quirky~


‘Hip Hop Warrior GookDae’ from “Episode 3” was a wonderful moment that made me laugh so much and even now when I think about it, I giggle to myself! I thought it was wonderful for a few reasons, firstly It’s cute as it’s YunHo and secondly it was so unexpected and unlike how the character GookDae had been acting (oh and when he laughed at SongAh wearing the same outfit, I thought that was cute!).

Picture18 Picture19

The ‘First Kiss’ in “Episode 4” was so beautiful. The lead up was cute and the kiss wasn’t awkward or still, it looked a lot more natural than many kisses I have seen in dramaland. Also the restaurant setting was pretty and then the outside (dream like) scenery was super pretty with the lights ♥ Also, it’s episode 4! You hardly get a kiss this early on between the leads in a drama! It gave me butterflies and made me happy~

don't cry I can't handle it or you songah eomma

The ‘Dream to Make You Cry’ in “Episode 6” was so beautiful, heartbreaking and gave SongAh more depth as a character. I was not expecting such a poignant or sad scene like this and I think it was well placed in this episode and of course allowed for plot building for the rest of the episode and episode 7. I hope the more serious and heart-wrenching moments, which I’m sure will come, will be as well done as this one.

knowing look between friends

Finally we have the ‘Bro Moment’ in “Episode 8”. I really loved this scene, as I have done whenever GookDae and BiRyong have had their little chats. However, the thing that was different about this one is that GookDae responds to BiRyong and what he is saying with more thought there and then. They are obviously very close and I love that, just as much as when the female lead has a close female friend. BiRyong is someone who is stable in GookDae’s life and is wise behind that goofy grin and I though this scene was telling of both characters. GookDae is vulnerable, a lot more than we assumed at first and BiRyong isn’t just part of the ‘dumb and dumber’ squad haha :p

Thank you for reading! What are you favourite moments from Episodes 1 – 8 of I Order You?



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