Ways To Deal With “Second-Lead Syndrome” (Top 5!)

Due to feeling this whilst watching “I Order You”, and it is something that I have experienced a few times very (thankfully not very often!), I decided to make a small post, giving a few tips on how I have dealt with the dreaded “Second-Lead Syndrome. Hopefully this will help in some way and I would love to hear the ways you deal with this unhappy situation~

Number 1:

So Many To Choose From!

So Many To Choose From!

YouTube. There are wonderful, lovely people on YouTube, who share our pain and make beautiful fanmade videos using the clips that make us love the “non-couple”.

They can be happy, beautiful or sad, so whatever mood you are in, there should be something there for you!

(For those of you who are having withdrawal of your OTP’s – canon or not, then this is a great source!)

There are also videos were people express their thoughts and pain because they are more attached to the second-lead, listening to other people can help you feel better and you’ll know you aren’t alone~

For me, I watched a few videos in relation to High School King of Savvy and School 2015 where I thought the pairings in the videos were the mains… I found out from the comments afterwards that they weren’t, but my love for them had been sparked and I am hesitant in watching those dramas because I know for sure I will get second-lead syndrome haha ^^”

Number 2:

If you truly hate the main pairing with a passion. Just think, soon after the drama ends the main woman could realise her mistake, end things with lead male and come flying to the waiting arms of the second-lead! The imagination is a great thing! And I am sure that people will have written fan-fiction about this happening, or fan-fiction where your pairing is the main one. Maybe you could even delve into fanfiction writing or other mediums of art to help quench your pain!

There are also those who suffer with second-lead syndrome on Tumblr who are more than capable of fulfilling your needs haha~

Number 3:

All too often the second-lead male ends the drama alone and not exactly the happiest of bunnies, therefore, maybe imagine them finding happiness after the drama with someone who will and can love them back.

They deserve to be happy too drama-writers!!

Number 4:

wordpress-logo-stacked-bgI feel that maybe just letting go could be the best option. If you hate the main couple then what really is the point of watching, unless of course the main couple is not the main factor, like in a crime/action drama.

This is the way I think, but maybe because you like the character so much, you want to see what happens to them, then this is where I would suggest reading recaps of episodes. That way you don’t really go through the emotional process of sitting down and watching it all happen in front of you, but can skim read through what happens or skip to the end haha

Number 5:

Share your pain! You are not alone and if you write about how you loved the second-lead with the main woman more, then more often than not you will find someone who felt the same way.

The internet is a wonderful place of bringing together people who have the same thoughts. Or you could even be swayed into loving the main couple by someone or by something someone has made in relation to them, who knows?

These may not be the greatest of tips, and they be kind of the same, but I hope you enjoyed this and definitely let me know how you deal with second-lead syndrome.

What drama’s gave you Second-Lead Syndrome and why?

Thank you for reading~


4 thoughts on “Ways To Deal With “Second-Lead Syndrome” (Top 5!)

  1. I just experienced my first true case of Second Lead Syndrome and it sucked, lol. This particular drama wasn’t a rom com and had lots of other things to focus on though, so that helped. I’ll be posting a review in a few days that includes some of my thoughts on my experience with Second Lead Syndrome (the drama was Beethoven Virus).

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    • Having other things to focus on is great! I look forward to your review and thoughts, Beethoven Virus is one of those dramas I’ve heard of but never delved in ^^


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