Halloween Playlist~ (Top 5)

Halloween is soon to be upon us and how should you spend the week leading up to it? Well, you should be listening to KPOP of course!

I saw this kind of post on dramaswithasideofkimchi and I really loved the idea, so I thought I would do a ‘Top 5’ version of my own! I hope you enjoy my recommendations~

To be honest, much like dramaswithasideofkimchi, my Shawol heart would never forgive me if I didn’t include them, however, they made it very easy to include them! VIXX are also a favourite of mine and their concepts, the darker ones which always impress me, make this list easy.

No. 1

This concept was just in time for the horror film scene that appears in South Korea in August and easily extends to Halloween. The video is creepy, comical and full of strange happenings! SHINee can never disappoint~

No. 2

For me, the VIXX video I have chosen is ‘Voodoo Doll’, this video was the first one I thought about when thinking about Halloween, and in general when it comes to this group. I also think it fits with the Halloween style, although I highly recommend looking at their other videos as well as ‘Beautiful Liar’ from the subunit VIXX LR.

No. 3

I’m not very aware of much from Boyfriend (apart from they have twin members), but I am aware of this video! ‘Witch’ is perfect for the Halloween season as it is full of creepy sets, supernatural beings and intense makeup~

No. 4

A classic! 2NE1 have great videos, but I think this is my favourite. All the visuals are on point and it gives a kind of Tim Burton feel. Also, Lee SooHyuk is stunning and Bommie has blue hair ♥♥

No. 5

I was aware of the group, due to the tragedy that happened, however, I had not listened to their music. Recently I chanced upon this little gem and ‘Hate You’, with its creepy visuals and effects, had to make this list!

Now, I have two others which I wanted to put in, because as you know, my Top 5’s are generally not Top 5’s haha ^^”

SunMi – Full Moon

This video was stunning and I felt the colour scheme was stunning and the effects, as well as the symbolism and movement to the whole thing fits Halloween.

Block B – Jackpot

This song is one of Block B’s best songs (in my opinion), I love it and I enjoy the video just as much. The circus/fun-fair is certainly a trope of Halloween and the fantastical colours and manic atmosphere fits the holiday, I think. Halloween isn’t all about creepy and dark, there is bright and maniacal aspects to it as well.


I forgot one that I really wanted to put into this:

Kim JaeJoong – Mine

This song is vocally excellent, JaeJoong always impresses me with his more rock vibe and the imagery and tones of this video fit in with Halloween.

Thank you for reading~

What are you listening to this Halloween?

(I was going to do a drama one as well, but then I remembered that I’m a wimp and I don’t like scary things… haha ^^”)


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