19.10.15 – 25.10.15 “I’m so sleepy…”

Picture25 edited… sorry. I must say I had high hopes for this week *deep sigh*

So, I failed a lot (university work, being poorly again, lack of sleep, laziness and a manga app being the main suspects), but next week is reading week and I will be at home, so I will sort through my schedule and put aside time to study, revise and recap ^^ I’m even going to be an efficient adult and make myself a timetable! :p

However, we still have this week to think about…

This is what I think is plausible for me to get done this week:

– I Order You Episode 6 Recap
– Taeyeon (feat. Verbal Jint) “I” MV/Song Review
– Kim JaeJoong “Just Another Girl” M/V Song Review

This is probably the most truthful list I have done according to my ability at being an adult. Which is kind of sad hahaha ^^”

I hope you enjoy what I put out and are having a lovely day full of happy thoughts and subtitled episodes~ ♡

Thank you for reading~

(Also, I’m writing this on my phone, so I apologise if it looks weird… if that is the case I will edit on the computer in the evening after my day finishes – so after 6pm ㅠ.ㅠ….)


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