12.10.15 – 18.10.15 “To Be Honest I Have No Excuse, I Procrastinated You And My School Work”…

Picture25 editedThe time has come again, where I say sorry for being lazy. I did some University work last week, although most of the time, I was just eating, watching YouTube videos and playing Angry Birds 2…

I apologise! 

I did manage to quickly do two MV/Song reviews yesterday and there would have been a third, but I was sleepy ^^”

Continue reading to see if I can actually set achievable targets for myself this week (my guess is nope…)

So here is what my plans are:

MV/Song Reviews:

  • iKON – “Rhythm Ta”
  • Ailee – “Mind Your Own Business”
  • One Ok Rock – “The Way Back”


  • I Order You 
    • Episode 6
    • Episode 7
  • Beautiful Man Episode 2 Review

I have an oral test for my Japanese class this week and I need to work on a presentation thing for next week (and do my other reading… *shush*) but I do want to get more content onto here. I really miss just recapping and watching dramas. Even though I am sort of enjoying my course and I want to do well, dramas are calling haha ^^”

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for Japanese artists I will love you to the moon and back if you could just leave me a comment down below ♥

Thank you for reading~


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