“05.10.15 – 18.10.15” – ‘Fresher’s Flu’, Seminar Reading and Staring Into Space…

Picture25 editedI’m pretty ashamed of myself… I completed 1 thing on my to-do list. I mean at least it wasn’t none, but still T.T

So, I have a cold which for the past few days has made me feel very unwell and I pretty much haven’t left my room, desk chair or bed! And seeing as I’m not using my laptop at university, forcing myself to come to the study hub in my building is very hard. Not to mention that having this cold and the stress of lectures and seminar readings and learning hiragana (most of which I haven’t really done) is causing my mood to be lower than I would like.

However, it can only go up! Right?… haha ^^”

Enough moaning and crying about my life, here is what I plan for this week:


  • I Order You
    • Episode 6 and 7

MV/Song Reviews:

  • iKON – Airplane and also 리듬 타(RHYTHM TA).
  • Ailee (에일리) – Insane (인세인)
    Ailee (에일리) – Mind Your Own Business (너나 잘해)

I think this will be all I could feasibly manage, hopefully I can do this much, sorry if not. University is really getting in the way with my drama watching *cries*. Why can’t someone pay me to make recaps of dramas that have been out for ages haha :p

I would also like to say that I was going to do this “Jakop, Raina, ₩uNo, DAYDAY “Allday Allnight (볼래)”” MV. Well, I’m not going to anymore. I watched some of the MV, but I just felt uncomfortable watching it, so I won’t be doing that anymore.

Thank you for reading~


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