JUNIEL “Sorry” MV/Song Review!

I love discovering beautiful ballads and this is certainly one of those!

  1. Where has Juniel been all my life?! Her voice is wonderful ^^
  2. JongHoon is in this?! Extra perfection ♥

The Story:

While watching the video, I think Juniel’s ‘character’ was (or still is) in a relationship with JungHoon’s ‘character’, however, somehow Juniel feels that it is her fault for things not being as good as they were. The lately, makes me think that they are still in the relationship and maybe she is apologising now, saying she loves him, and that they should try again.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-26-44.pngWow… I was so wrong. So, according to the lyrics (which you can see here), the story is more on the lines of JungHoon’s character not loving her anymore. That their love was rather one-sided all the time, but she is still upset about him leaving and doesn’t want it to happen.

She hates that he is saying “sorry” to her because she doesn’t want it to be over.

The Visuals:

This video was so beautiful. I love videos that are pastel based and this is one of those. I think the colour scheme matched the tone of the song and made this a very visually appealing video.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-27-36.png wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-27-02.png

Not to mention the people in it were stunning people. I really liked the scenes where they were together (her glimpses of the past), the colours were warm and they were both cute.

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-28-17.pngThe main set, which I weirdly really liked, was the bathroom. I found that the foliage and the solo tub in the middle of the room (which was a pretty purple) fit well with the song and made sense. Although Juniel did spend a lot of time in that bath… maybe that’s where she does all her thinking? I don’t know haha ^^”

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-27-57.pngOn a last note on the visuals, when she was in the blue space with the huge fish
tank in
front of her, for some strange reason I really liked how the camera focused away from her and then onto the fish that was leaving the screen (maybe it was a metaphor as well as a pretty shot, who knows? haha maybe I’m going too deep with this ^^”).


wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-26-01.pngJuniel’s voice is beautiful. I’m so happy that I decided to watch one of her videos and hear her sing.

The song starts of soft and has a delicate flow that suits the heartache that is present. The beginning piano piece is a nice opening and blends well with her voice.

At the first chorus, the vocals become stronger, as does the music. This gives the chorus a clear distinction and evokes the strong pain that she is feeling.wpid-screenshot_2015-10-02-14-27-20.png

After the first chorus, the music mellows, as does her vocals (although they are a bit stronger. This changes after the second chorus, the soft (yet faster vocals) reappear, which gives the shift back to the very strong and powerful vocals more impact.

The solo music that leads the song out is very pretty and is a sort of relief after the pain.

Star Ratings:

Understandable Story-line: 1.5/5☆ (personally I was completely wrong, so I don’t know if I could put anything higher, even though after looking at the lyrics, the video did make sense , sorry *cries*).

Video Production: 4/5☆

Vocals: 5/5☆

Overall Package: 6/10☆ (I really want to give this higher… if I knew Korean during my first watch, it would have been higher, much higher!)

Thank you for reading~


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