I Order You (Episode 5) Recap~

You know what, who needs to be sociable when you have dramas to recap? Not me apparently haha ^^” Also who needs to feel self-conscious about being alone on a computer in Fresher’s Week? Again not me apparently! I have pombears and a kit-kat, I’m ready to do some recapping!! Fighting ^^b

I have two complaints: why do I not have a BiRyong of my own and where is my clip at the end? That clip is essential and one of the perfect things about this drama… please have the end clip come back next time!

Picture1 Picture2

SongAh is in bed and after she replays the kiss in her mind, she wonders why GookDae kissed her in the first place. It being SongAh, her imagination is on the spotlight to give her high hopes.

Thinking about GookDae, SongAh happily falls asleep.

The next morning, SongJoo finds that his sister has already gone to work, and left her room in a state (but really who needs to make their bed anyway :p). We then see that the early start was because of SongAh’s detour. She is determined to find out why GookDae kissed her.

Picture3 Picture4

She storms into FLada and asks her question, however, the person that turns round is not GookDae, but a very stunned BiRyong (paha!). SongAh, true to her nature starts rambling and laughing manically while she tries to get herself out of the hole she threw herself into. While explaining she points to the mistletoe, but it isn’t there anymore. Quickly wrapping up her speech, she runs out of the building.

Outside she chastises herself and says she should have acted crazy instead of talking about the curse (she evidently doesn’t realise that through all of that she sounded crazy haha). Although her high spirits do not go as she wonders if they are an “official couple” now that BiRyong has found out about the kiss.

Picture5GookDae comes in with ingredients and tells BiRyong they should start prepping. BiRyong slowly walks over and tells him that SongAh came by and said some strange things. GookDae starts to leave, but BiRyong grabs his arm. GookDae tells him it’s true, which causes BiRyong to ask if she knows about his situation. He realises from GookDae’s expression that ‘no, she doesn’t’. GookDae starts to prep while BiRyong looks a little disappointed in him.

FLada may be a place of negative emotion right now, but SongAh isPicture6 happily skipping through her workplace and enthusiastically greeting everyone she passes! Once she reaches her desk, DoekHee immediately comes over to investigate, asking whether she ate ramen at someone’s home last night. SongAh worriedly asks if her face is puffy, not getting the undertone message of the question.

Once SongAh understands, she denies and happily skips off to prepare for the upcoming meeting. DoekHee watches her leave and is left suspicious that something is going on.

Picture7SongAh is struggling to get a folder of the top shelf and accidentally falls backwards off of the box she is precariously on. Instead of a hard landing, she falls into the arms of Kevin. Shocked she stares at him, until he sheepishly asks how long they need to be in this position (he is too cute).

Kevin comments that she should be more careful, otherwise she will get another scar on her forehead. SongAh wonders how he knows and even when he says a class number, she still doesn’t know. He steps closer and asks if she really doesn’t remember and gently moves her bangs to reveal the scar, saying that he remembers everything.

Picture8 Picture9

That is when it all clicks into place and we see a rather sad younger version of Kevin, who SongAh remembered as Joo GyeongJoo. Her huge grin and happy attitude returns as she tells him he grew up well! (So much second lead syndrome right now! *cries*) 

Picture10Meanwhile, at FLada the boys are busy prepping, but no-one is in a relatively good mood, especially GookDae, who gets fed up and leaves. SooRi asks BiRyong what’s wrong and while going through his mind and thinking aloud, he realises that something happened between GookDae and SongAh – that they kissed. Even though BiRyong denies and tries to steer him away from those thoughts, SooRi walks off, amazed by his findings (BiRyong’s facial expressions in this scene were gold! Love him~).

In another room, GookDae tries to phone SongAh, however something is stopping him and he just throws his phone on the bed and gets up.

Picture11SongAh and Kevin are reminiscing in the kitchen area. At first they joke about the strawberry incident (whereby he thought she would recognise him them) and about each of them have turned out. However, the conversation takes a negative turn, as Kevin says he felt so bad about how SongAh got her scar.

Back when the two of them were children, we see that Kevin is being bullied after class and the bullies throw his glasses up high. A short child Kevin, standing on a chair, is still unable to reach them.

Picture12 Picture13

In comes SongAh who happily comes to his rescue. She nearly falls, but Kevin pushes her forward and even though she hits the wall hard SongAh succeeds in getting the glasses.

Once Kevin has the glasses on, he is shocked to see that SongAh has blood running down the side of her face. SongAh, on the other hand isn’t fazed by that at all! (haha!)

Thankfully, the conversation turns lighthearted again as we find out that the one who went to the hospital was Kevin and not SongAh. The sight of blood caused him to faint, while SongAh was just happy to see the school nurse!

Kevin thanks her, which SongAh doesn’t take because she still feels bad for not remembering him. However, Kevin insists, saying that he often thought about how she got the scar and if he has to take responsibility for it. He then asks if he should take responsibility for it now.

Picture14 Picture15

Before anything can be said, a cup falling to the floor announces DoekHee, who is extremely shocked and asks if Kevin has done something that he needs to take responsibility for (she has so got the wrong end of the stick here!!).

Picture16 Picture17

At their desks, DoekHee and SongAh chat through messaging. SongAh settles DoekHee, strongly saying that she and Kevin are only friends. DoekHee is happy, saying she is the one who has a claim on him (ha!), but she is still jealous that SongAh can speak informally with a senior staff member. DoekHee tells SongAh to focus on GookDae, especially as they have already kissed.

Right on cue, SongAh receives an incoming call from GookDae telling her that he will be outside of her workplace when she finishes.

DoekHee’s insist kicks in as she surmises that the ‘bait’ is coming. SongAh is flustered and wonders if GookDae will confess to her, but DoekHee calms her nerves and SongAh happily anticipates his arrival.

At 7pm sharp, SongAh is packed and runs out of her workplace, quickly exclaiming her goodbye and knocking into someone!

Picture18 Picture19

After a quick squirt of breath spray, SongAh hurries over to the bench where GookDae is seated. He stands once she comes close. SongAh is evidently happy and says that it is different seeing GookDae out of work, and that they should do this more often. GookDae, tells her he has something he needs to tell her, prompting her to giggle and say she is an adult, Picture20and it doesn’t have to spelt out for her (this is not going to end well for my cutie, I feel it *cries*). However, she expectantly waits for his answer.

SongAh’s inner voice is desperate and pleading with GookDae to tell her that he likes her and wants to go out with her. GookDae simply says her name and she blurts out yes.

GookDae steels himself and tells her straight, that he is married. SongAh is obviously confused and upset (my poor baby!).

Additional Comments:

This episode was definitely giving us more character development by showing us a little backstory and also building the relationships.

I’m still confused, personally, about the romance and who I like. I think, for now, I am more inclined towards SongAh and Kevin. But of course I was SongAh to be happy and she wants GookDae. And it isn’t that I hate him, I mean he can be hilarious and we have seen his sweet side. Thankfully we have basically only just begun and there is a lot more chance to see him grow and their relationship grow.

For the scar on SongAh’s forehead, I was thinking that it may have been caused by something more traumatic, especially because of her reaction to GookDae trying to swipe her bangs aside in a previous episode. I was sort of disappointed, but at least the incident wasn’t traumatic, for her sake, and it does have a way of connecting her and Kevin that is personal (it all adds to the love triangle drama I suppose).

Even though, this episode touched on less funny things, I still enjoyed myself tremendously watching it! The writers are doing a great job of mixing the comedy and seriousness, hopefully that continues on.

On GookDae, I thought he was divorced?! The Viki summary says he is divorced… does this mean that he is going through a divorce? Or that he is still in love with his ex-wife that he deems himself to be “still married”? Let’s hope they clear that up in the next episode.

Thank you for reading~


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